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Can't open project: "in use elsewhere" and in repair mode

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My TMG locked up while trying to print a report. I had to go to CTR+ALT+DEL to stop the program from running. When I returned to TMG the first message I received was “Repair mode has been activated” but it let me proceed to open a project. When I tried to open the project I had been working on when the program locked up, I couldn’t open it because the “project was in use elsewhere.” There is no other program using the project. No problem opening the Sample project and one other project I have.


I did note, however, that the Sample Project has its own folder. My two projects, All Ancestors and Borrowscale, are not in folders. There are just numerous files with the appropriate name. Could that be part of the problem?


I have rebooted the computer (twice) but that did not end the problem.

I downloaded CCleaner and deleted temp files and cleaned the registry. That did not solve the problem.

I have tried researching this project in the TMG-L archives. Using both Safari and Chrome, I cannot open the archives.


I saw other posts about this issue on this website. The solution seemed to be to send a zip file to Jim Byram.


Help please!



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Having each project in it's own folder is my personal preference but has nothing to do with your issue.


The RootsWeb servers are apparently down.


Since you can open other projects, this is a project issue.


Make a folder on your desktop and copy all files with the project name (except for the .CDX files to the new folder. (The base project consists of 48 files (one PJC file, 29 DBF files and 18 FPT files. In rare cases, some other file with the project name is required for recovery.)


Make a ZIP file of the folder with the project and send it to me or make it available for downloading.


You can contact me by email by clicking on the link below.

Jim Byram

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