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How to easily delete duplicates from a messed up merge

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I know, I know. . . I messed up big time. My TMG did not have a backup so I used the last one I could find from years ago. Then I downloaded my Ancestry ged file and merged it. . . Worked on it some more and merged it again. Now I have thousands of duplicates. . . Is there any easier way than 1 by 1 deleting?


I should add that most are "orphan" names, no information just a name. I tried to see if I could use Explorer to sort them out but can not get any results.

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There is no magic.


You have described two perfect ways to destroy years of work. First, by not backing up. Second, by merging an Ancestry GEDCOM into your project and then into your data set.


I understand that this was the only way to do some sort of recovery of your data. There is no good solution other than working through all of the people added by the merge and cleaning things up. Merging data sets does not merge individuals. That would have required a second step merging people one pair at a time.


It's possible that filtering by the Last Edited date will identify the individuals that need to be merged or edited.

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