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I've only just logged into this site after a long absence, so have only just discovered that TMG is no longer supported. Sad days indeed. My issue is I have a new PC and I had TMG8 which I would still like to download to the new PC, but I cant find anywhere to download it from. 

I'm not sure if these forums are still monitored, but if anyone has any help I would much appreciate it. I have my activation key, I just need to get TMG8 again on my PC.

Thanks in adavnce



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Welcome back, Simon.  Some of us users, such as Jim and myself, are still monitoring this Forum and answering questions.  The TMG-L email list is also still active with users helping users.

If you are back to using TMG you may wish to upgrade from your Version 8 to the final released version, which is Version 9.05.  It has several enhancements and fixed bugs from Version 8 which I think are valuable.  You can still purchase a license to the final Version 9.05 from one on-line vendor, Harry Goegebeur, then download the installer from on-line.  See the following post on this Forum for the link to his email address and details: http://www.whollygenes.com/forums201/index.php?/topic/15915-tmg9-final-installers-v905/

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