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Parallels for a transition from Windows to Apple

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I could not find answer to my problem in the searches I used, so I am starting a new question.  

1.  I recently found a Family project that had been lost a long time on an old thumb drive due to mislabeling it.  I would like to transfer this Family project back into the TMG program so that I can make a GEDCOM to transfer this family to a new genealogy program.  But I’ve been recently told, that I could run a parallel on the Apple that would allow a Windows program to work there, but I don’t know how to do this.  I have an Apple Mini Mac and when my husband bought it for me, he had it divided into two portions with Apple in one and Windows in the other.  I have pretty much transitioned into the Apple and though I have tried once or twice to use the Windows portion, I found it awkward.  I have to totally leave Apple and Open Windows, and doing this takes forever.  I would prefer to access it better through Apple.  Thus my dilemma.  Can anyone understand what I want to do?  Is there any help?


 2.  Also I can’t seem to restore the thumb drive onto the TMG program on the Windows computer.  I’m not very tech savvy so please be kind.  My hubby was the techy, but due to his age and memory loss he can no longer help me.  Also computer terminology is not my strong point.  ;-)

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Thom, I suggest you post this on the new TMG List. It moved to groups.io when Ancestry shut down the RootsWeb list. You can subscribe from the main page: https://tmg-l.groups.io/g/main  It has been fairly active since the move!

Re your problem, I know I had a dickens of a time running Parallels, Windows 10 and TMG 9.05 on my "new" (in 2028) 27" iMac, until I increased my memory to 24 GB.  It may be that you just do not have enough memory to run two separate OSs.  I would think the partition would leave you with even less resources than I had at 16 (or less) GB but I do not know how partitions work.  I would think running parallels/Win10 on the half of your machine that is Apple could be even more problematic but I am not a techie.

Good Luck!

Jan Rodriguez

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Re the project on the thumb drive, sounds like it was probably done on an older version of TMG.  First, you should copy the file from the thumb drive to the Windows side of your computer.  Then try to restore from there, not from the thumb drive. If this does not work, I vaguely recall that another step may be needed for earlier versions of TMG, but again, I am not a techie...  Others on the TMG List will know...



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