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Jim Slade

TMG9.05 keeps locking up

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I am using TMGv9.05 with Windows 10/64 and they have been working fine ever since I upgraded from Win7 about 3-4 years ago.

However, in recent weeks, TMG has been locking up, freezing to the point I can only use Task Mgr to close TMG & re-open, then it works ok for a while.  In the past two hours, it has frozen 4 times.  After it freezes & reboots, I always run Optimize & VFI.   

 There does not seem to be any certain action that causes the freeze.  It has locked when I was adding data, merging people, changing from one project to another, working in Master Place List, merging Sources in Master Source List, just a variety of tasks.  Otherwise, TMG works well.

Would it help if I re-installed TMG?  
Any other suggestions?

Jim Slade

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This sort of issue is typically caused by a third-party application (real-time syncing or backup, anti-virus or anti-malware). If that's the case, reinstalling TMG probably won't help.

No real-time syncing or backup application should be allowed to mess with the TMG project files.

You might need to exclude TMG if an anti-virus or anti-malware application is responsible. 

Was any of these application types updated at the time when the problems started?

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