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John K

Delete Entries in List of Field Values?

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Is there a way to delete (or edit) the entries that are shown when I type F2 in a place field and see all of the entries I have ever made?  Over the years I have made a number of careless mistakes when entering place names (for example, the list now includes not only Springfield, Hampden, Massachusetts, but also Springfield, Hampden, Connecticut and Springfield, Hampden, England).  I have corrected these on the actual tag entries, and have also gone to the Master Source List and either deleted the erroneous entry or corrected it and then optimized the database so that the list has only a single entry for Springfield.  However, through all of this the incorrect entries remain in the list of field values.  If I could delete them it would reduce the time I now must spend making sure I select the accurate entry.  Is there a way to do this?

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The entries come from the Master Place List. You need to Optimize, clean up the Master Place List and then Optimize again. After that, the Master Place List will contain only places linked to events and have no duplicates. If any remaining place appears to be a duplicate, edit the duplicates in the Master Place List and make sure that they are really identical (and have the same place style).

Note - Cleaning up places in events does not remove the old places from the Master Place List. Optimize combines identical places and removes unlinked places.

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