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Can Prompting within Report Queries Be Done?

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I'm wondering if a report query can be structured so as to prompt me for filter values whenever I run it. I am doing an analysis of my database, which contains more than 29,000 names, to help analyze when my surname's DNA ended up in another surname's DNA. We think there was some hanky-panky going on back in the late 1800s and we're attempting to narrow it down to when both families were in the same area.  The problem being that I need to run multiple reports with different filters for birth location and census location, etc. and I would like to not have to keep changing the query filter for the next report. If it could prompt me for the filter value then it would make life a whole lot simpler. And, it would help in the future when I help others.

Thanks for any help.

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Sure. Enter "[?]" (no quotes) into the value field to make a report definition that prompts you.

Checking [Help] for any selected list report would have given you this answer.

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