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I have two projects, both with external exhibits.  On the smaller one the backup runs fine.  On the larger one, I get an error message "OLE exception error. Exception code c0000005. OLE object may be corrupt."

I ran maintenance and seven errors were found and corrected.  One exhibit file was found missing and I deleted it.  Ran the backup again and the same problem occurred.  Both times if I click "Ignore" after the error message it tells me the backup is complete, but it doesn't even create the file.  I then ran the backup again but unchecked the "External Exhibits" checkbox under "Project Items" and the backup immediately runs fine, no error messages.  My exhibit folder is in the default path.

I want to store my backups and exhibits remotely in case my computer ever fails.

I think I can just store the backup file remotely, then also save the exhibit folder remotely.  That way if my computer crashes, or if I ever have to restore to a new computer, I can just make sure the exhibit folder is in the correct path.  Is that correct?  I'm also wondering why the error is occurring.

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This is not an rare issue. One (or more) of the exhibit files has a problem.

It's best to manage your exhibit files outside of TMG. Making sure that both your project backup and your exhibits folder are stored remotely is an excellent practice.

The restored path is not a concern since TMG includes a tool to update the exhibit paths in the exhibits table when they have changed.

You should be doing a system backup to an external drive at a regular frequency... for example once a week. That will cover your TMG data. When I'm doing serious data entry, I copy a TMG project backup to a USB flash drive at the end of each days work.

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