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Software to purchase to replace TMG?

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It seems I am WAY overdue to buy some new software.  I created FindAGrave entries and love to research, so I make a family tree entry for each person I find and their extended families.  Hence, I have over 190,000 people in my tree.  You would be surprised how often they hook together from different regions of the country.  So I like the fact that TMG can accept a lot of entries.

For my own family, I like the fact that I can create focus groups. 

I haven't used the DNA feature, but I plan to try it in the future.

Can anyone recommend software that accepts a transfer from TMG well?

Thanks.  Tracy

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The genealogy software clients that you might want to check out are RootsMagic, Family Historian, Legacy and Heredis.

RootsMagic 7 is the current version and RootsMagic 8 is in development and in in public preview.

Family Historian 7 is current.

Legacy 9 is current.

Heredis 2021 is current.

Former TMG users have moved to all of those programs. And of course, there are other programs.

I moved to RootsMagic in late 2014 and moved from RootsMagic 7 to Family Historian 7 in February. FH7 added sort dates and that makes it work with GedSite much better.


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And some of us note that TMG works just fine on the new Windows 11, so still feel no need or desire to change to a different program.

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