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First and Second Cousins Marriage Identifier quandary

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I use a system of an Identifying Number that runs through a family's lineage. ie; Line starts with a man, John, he is #1, his 2 children are, in birth order, Jane, #11, and Ben, #12, Ben's children, again in birth order, Sally, #121, Tom, #122 and so on.

So this works great using the numbering system in the Reference Field until someone marry's a cousin or niece/nephew! These people really have two different trailing numbers, but for years I can't figure out how to document it and be able to search... Open to suggestions :)

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Hi Trinity,

Over time there have been many different numbering systems for genealogy, each with their advantages and disadvantages.  I recommend reviewing two on-line sources on this topic:



It appears you are using what looks like the Henry descendant numbering system:


The key to the Henry system is that it is based on beginning the numbering with only one ancestor.  As I have heard, for the marriage of two people who are BOTH descendants of that one ancestor, one should use the "largest" number of either parent as the base for the children.  Thus the number indicates the "greatest" number of generations from the ancestor.  But you might explore some more thorough descriptions of this numbering system for other suggestions.

Hope this gives you ideas,

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