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Changing tag type to another

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I set up a custom tag called FSID to store FamilySearch IDs for my folks.  Not being conversant with Tag types, I set it up as an address type of tag, and stored the ID in the Title field.

I found out that the FS tag ID standard is FSFTiD, and that the Title field is usually for royalty. I'll deal with Title issues later.

What I would like to do without re-learning FoxPro (if I can even find a copy to use), is to find all of the people I've added the FSID to (about 50 or so, which I can do in a report), add an FSFTiD tag, copy the value of FSID to FSFTiD, then delete the FSID. Not asking too much is it?

I noted a comment by John Cardinal about 15 years ago that stated his utility could change tag types, but I just don't see that capability anywhere in the current version (7.4).

I can do all of the above manually, of course, but is there any way to do it mechanically?


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20 minutes ago, Jim Byram said:

Create the new tag type...

Use TMG Utility to change the old tags to the new tag.


The TMG Utility for tags changes sort order or deletes them. Where is the facility to change them?

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