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Collins, Tony

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The data/site mostly refers to the Scottish side of the family (Chalmers, Martin, Todd, Sharp, Kerr, Aitken, with connections to Marwood, Borland, Dallas, Henderson, Rodger, and their descendants). Less information has yet been obtained on the English connections of Collins, Burrell, Schofield, Wright and Butler.


Data is collated using TMG7 attaching photocopies of documents and photographs relating to events. Transcriptions of documents are created using a home-produced html template and are also attached as text exhibits.


Second Site produces the main site in Side-by-Side format, and displays the raw data (TMG sentences) in tabular form. Other pages are added using Second Site User Items or are hand-coded to fit the style. Although photos are displayed on the site, photocopies of documents (and their transcripts) are not. This is due to concerns by some people over privacy. Some people are also "excluded" from the site for the same reason.


Resizing of photos for web is done using Irfanview ( www.irfanview.com )

Image mapping on photos is done using GeoHTML by Alexander Samsonov

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