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What made my data disappear?!

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What made my data disappear?!

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Answer: TMG has been designed so that the user can arrange the Person View in a number of ways to help analyze the research. One of those features is to filter the tags on the Person View so that only certain tags display. In most cases where data seems to be missing, a filter has been applied. The filter might be for Primary tags, a specific tag group, or a specific tag type.


When a filter is applied, the word "Filtered" (in red) is displayed at the top of the first column the Person View to remind you that only certain tags are displayed. To remove the filter and display all tags again, right click on the list of tags and choose whichever option currently has a check mark next to it.


Note that two of the yellow buttons on the Tag Box toolbar can also be used to filter and unfilter tags.

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