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What is the difference between Simple and Expanded Picklists?

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What is the difference between Simple and Expanded Picklists?

Applies to: TMG



The picklist is used to move between people and select one or multiple people within tags. It is used by clicking the binoculars icon or pressing F2 on the main toolbar or when selecting people within an event tag.


The Simple Picklist is the default. It provides a quick-and-dirty alphabetical list of everyone in the project.


The Expanded Picklist offers even more information, including an "Event Mode" with which you can view a miniature version of the Person View for each person as you move within the list. The Expanded Picklist also has the distinct advantage of supporting the Accent feature. Because of its higher workload, the Expanded Picklist can be slower and is not recommended for users with very old computers or extremely large projects.


To choose between the Simple and Expanded Picklists, access File > Preferences > Program Options > Lists.


Where to Learn More:

Picklist of People (manual/help)

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