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Barbara Grempler

What does "One or more images failed to export" mean?

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What does "One or more images failed to export" mean?

Applies to: TMG


Answer: When generating a report with images to a word processor, TMG sometimes needs to copy and/or convert those images to a format that the word processor can handle. When sending a report with images to WordPerfect, for instance, the images are copied and converted to WordPerfect's proprietary format (WPG).


In some cases, the image drivers used by TMG can be damaged or overwritten by the subsequent installation of another application.


Unfortunately, some applications have been found to hijack attempts by others to use those image drivers. Even when they are not running, the offending applications are configured to intercept any use of certain shared files, effectively blocking their use. The following applications are known to exhibit this behavior:


- HP Photo and Imaging Software (distributed with some HP scanners and digital cameras).



(1) In the case of one or more damaged or overwritten files, reinstalling TMG will usually solve the problem.

(2) The following steps should resolve the driver conflict mentioned above:

  • Click on the Windows button.
  • Choose "Run..."
  • Cut and paste the following command into the text field:
    regsvr32 -u "c:\program files\hewlett-packard\memories disc\ltocx12n.ocx"
    and then click on .

Note: The command above represents the default installation for the HP driver. If you installed the HP driver elsewhere, you will need to search for its copy of ltocx12n.ocx and substitute the appropriate folder in the command above.


Other keywords: scanner, pictures, driver, graphics, report, output, WPG, JPG

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