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Customized Toolbar - Icons

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For those who are following the list, I thought I would offer those icons I have developed. Many of them I have found searching for "small" images with Google's advanced image search.




After locating an image, usually an icon but often a small bitmap or jpeg button, I crop the photo and/or resize to work with TMG.


Hope some of you find these helpful!




ICONS UPDATED 10/13/06Icons_101006.doc

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Here are mine. I am using large buttons, because I have a hard time seeing the small ones. YOu can easily resize them. I have more, that I will be adding later.


YOu may need to resize some of these for use in TMG.

Some of these are for custom tags that I have created for my own research needs and aren't in the standard version of TMG>


New file uploaded at 10:49 am Thursday September 22


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