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importing custom source types to another data set?

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I have imported into TMG a several data sets from a distant cousin. In my main data set I have created some custom source types and really like to be able to import them into the data set I received. What sources there are in the new data set are imbeded in the memos and I would like to change them to my custom ones before I decide if I am going to merge the new data sets with my main one.


Judy S.

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I'm afraid there is no simple solution. A feature to allow easy copying of custom source types has been suggested, but so far has not appeared.


There is a work-around you might consider. You could create a dummy person, attach one source of each type to that person, then copy that person to the other data sets (provided they are in the same Project - if not, merging of projects would be required). This may not work if the custom source types have the same names as source types in the receiving data set.


It might be easier to Merge the data first (or copy those people you want to keep), mark them with a Flag, then go through and clean up the sources using your custom sources.


One issue around cleaning up the sources in received data -- many users would feel that you should not enter the sources in such a way that it appears you have seen them, when you have not. In my view, the most straight-forward way to enter such sources is to cite the received file as your source, then note that the author has cited such-and-such as a source. Trouble is, I don't know any workable way to do this except manually.


An alternate might be to leave the sources as cited, but add some sort of note to each saying you haven't seen it but it was cited by so-and-so. That you could do by editing each source definition before to do the merge.

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Terry, thank you. You gave me some good sugestions.

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