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List of Event report to find excluded items

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I had fabulous help from all of the WhollyGenes community on the cruise, but one question drew a blank and it was suggested that I post it here. I feel that occasionally I should review each of the items that I have entered with either a single or double exclusion marker, just to check whether the marker is still appropriate or whether the material in a particular memo is up to date. Problem is that I haven't a clue as to what items have been so marked and as the number of people in my one-name-study is expanding by the thousands, it is not practical to open each person and look.


So, the challenge is :ph34r: : is there a filter for a List of Events (or a way to use John Cardinal's TMG Utilities) that would let me find excluded items? I am not fussed about excluded citations, only in finding text in various memos of a variety of tags.


Dave Ball

compiler of The New England Ball Project

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Yes, there is a way. If you construct a filter like:


Memo Contains -


You will get all events that contain a hyphen. If you check the option on the Miscellaneous tab to include excluded information, and add the Memo to the output columns, you can then search the report and find them. Finding them is much easier if you sort on the column containing the Memo (thanks to Jim Bryam for that trick).


You would need to do this for each field where you use exclusion markers. You could create a multi-line filter to look for them all at once, but then you would need to include all those fields in the output to verify them.


Unfourtunately, the filter "Begins with -" seems to be broken - it would be more useful. That has been reported.

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Ahh, when the "begins with -" didn't work, it never occurred to me to try "contains". Will play with this to figure out if I am finding everything; expect that I will, since I am fairly sure that I have only used exclusions in memos. I don't have that many, yet, but can see the list growing and not being periodically checked.


Hadn't given any thought to what the output would look like, so the suggestions on that were also welcome. Thanks.

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