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Report alignment problem

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Good evening,

I have a question; I was printing a descendant report today and it prints with cut marks when the report is larger than a single page. So far so good. Now I noticed that some boxes are cut when they are exactly in between two pages. In this process about 1/10 on a inch or so is lost, so that when I tape the pages together about 1/10 of the box is gone. It just happens that this cuts a few names short, like I have a name Aragon that becomes just Araon with the g missing because it got lost.


I know this can be fixed by just moving the boxes so that they don't appear right on the page cutmarks, and it's really no big deal, but I still thought it was rather strange that a little piece of the page would just disappear. Is this a bug?



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This problem is not (as far as I am aware) a problem in VCF but in the version of the printer driver that you are using to print the output. Some drivers of printers are not properly tested to deal with output that spreads across page boundaries.


I suggest that you try 2 things:

a. upgrade your printer driver to the latest for your printer.

b. significantly increase the page margins and do an experimental print of a pair of pages where a box crosses a page boundary. (The printer might be telling VCF that it can print more output per page than what is physically possible - that is, your printer's printable region does not match what it is telling the application.

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Hmm. When I first got TMG 5.15 it seemed that report printer setup did what it darn well pleased with my Epson C82 driver, including overriding well hidden "advanced" settings within said C82 driver. Shrink to fit was out of my control.


To save paper, I'd probably run the VCF output through a pdf converter, at least until I saw a few previews to check cause and effect of margin changes. The TMG pdf converter should be good enough for letter size paper, at just about any resolution. But be careful with too high a resolution, for you may not see the cut lines, which are only one pixel wide.


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If you are talking about the Descendant Chart Report, and I assume you are, then the solution is very simple.


Open up VCF with your file, go to Tools then Diagram then Repaginate.


This will clear the ovelapping boxes



Utrecht Holland

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