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Expanded picklist for data sets

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(My expanded picklist works alright in my usual project - it's only in my new project that I am having trouble)


I set up a new project on a CD-ROM which may be the problem though I don't think so. I made the new project by going into Reports>List of People and using Secondary Output to create a project with one person so that (I hoped) I would have all the settings that I have on the original projects.


I have imported two different GEDCOMS in as separate data sets. I would have expected similar names to show up one after the other as that was the purpose of the exercise.


One data set shows altogether and then comes the next. If I select a name on data set two, go to the top and click "Name" to show name variation then come out, the name fits into order in data set three. If I keep doing this I could get both data sets in order but this would take too long What have I done wrong :blink:



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