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Color, Color everywhere

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If your eyes get tired of the same old color scheme, you can easily change the colors in TMG.


One way is to go to Control Panel>Display and change the colors there. The only problem with this is your new TMG colors become your default for every program you use.


The second way is within TMG. First you need to go to PREFERENCES>COLORS and tell TMG where you want the color to come from. If you want to use the first method, then you select Windows Default. If you want a more colorful TMG, you will need to select Customize each window. Now the fun can begin.

In each Window in TMG, you can double click on the bottom right hand corner, and select a color for that window. You can even set custom window colors.

If you change from one layout to another your colors are remembered.

Now you can change the color of the names. Go to PREFERENCE>CURRENT PROJECT>COLORS, and you can change the color of the names as they show in TMG.


One thing I like to do is pick a soft color for my background window color in all programs in Control Panel>Display. I use a light purple, or light pink that is almost a white. Then I set my colors for my background color for my names to the same color. That way my screen is all one shade. If you like the witnesses and names to show up different from other tags, you won't want to do this. I prefer it to look like a piece of paper with information on it, so I like the colors to all be the same on the Person View.


This sounds complicated, but it isn't, and it's just one more way to customize your TMG to make it most comfortable for you to use. So if you like red text on a bright yellow background, now you can have it. :D

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