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Presurname displays

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I recently created a new Name Style for medieval names, i.e. de Welles, fitz Walter. I set the Output template like this:


[Title] [GivenName] [Presurname] [surname] [suffix]


The Surname Display template is:


[Presurname] [surname], [GivenName] ([Title]) [suffix]


The Given Name display template is:


[GivenName] [suffix] [Title] [Presurname] [surname]


But when I made a descendant box chart the output is: Walter Presurname Ragemar, instead of Walter fitz Ragemar. Did I miss something someplace? How can I get these names to display properly in the chart?




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In my opinion you should put the conditionals (<) (>) around each. That is the reason 'Presurname' appeared because there is no presurname for that person so, it printed 'presurname'. Am I right?


Other more experienced will no doubt reply to this for you.



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Works fine for me using v6.07.


Output template

[Title] [Prefix] [GivenName] [PreSurname] [surname] [suffix] [OtherName]


Descendant Box Chart

See screenshot.


Update... Bob's problem was fixed by editing the style, resetting the Output template, and then re-adding the [PreSurname] level label by typing it exactly into the template field. The problem came from typing [Presurname] rather than [PreSurname] as specified in the label field. The case issue has been reported.


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