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Bob Velke

CD & DVD Duplication Services

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Duplicate full-color CDs for just $1.00 each


For several years, Wholly Genes Software, the maker of The Master Genealogist (TMG) and other power tools for family historians, has provided extremely low-cost CD and DVD duplication services to other vendors in the genealogy community. In response to popular request, we’re now making the service available to researchers who have short-run duplication needs, such as when planning to distribute CDs at a family reunion.


CD duplication in small quantities is usually very expensive. While some low-cost reproduction and printing equipment is designed for the home user, it is usually slow, prints in only black & white, and/or requires affixing a label to the CD.


Wholly Genes Software and its sister company, Archive CD Books USA, use professional duplication equipment to manufacture their CD products on demand. This reduces inventory costs, maximizes quality control, and ensures that each customer receives the most up-to-date content. The process involves sophisticated robotic equipment, multiple simultaneous CD burners, and integrated printing of full-color artwork directly on the face of the CD (i.e., not a label).


Family historians are increasingly discovering that it is easy and convenient to share the results of their research with family members by distributing a CD-ROM. Slideshow software and programs like Second Site (the popular utility by John Cardinal for TMG users) produce interactive CDs that make family history informative and fun for children and adults alike.


Now researchers with such short-run duplication needs have access to our professional reproduction equipment for as little as $1.00 per CD (or $2.50 per DVD) plus shipping. A minimum quantity of 20 is required. Finished disks are delivered in bulk on a spindle or in paper sleeves for an additional cost. A design service is also available for those who don’t have CD artwork in JPG or other supported format.


For more information, including a video of the robotic reproduction process, please visit:


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