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Bob Velke

Wholly Genes Newsletter, 30 May 2006, Issue 2006-8

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Wholly Genes Newsletter

30 May 2006

Issue 2006, Number 8


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In this issue:


o Free Shipping On All Orders - Ends Tomorrow

o Tech Support Contest Results

o New Data CDs

o Cruise Bonus Gift Certificate

o Cruising with your Spouse

o NGS Conference in Chicago

o TMG Companion Products

o Wholly Genes online chat

o How to reach us



==== Free Shipping On All Orders - Ends Tomorrow ========


This is a reminder that the offer of free shipping from WhollyGenes.com on all orders to U.S. and Canada expires _tomorrow_ (Wednesday, 5/31). A flat $4.00 fee applies to overseas orders.

Don't miss this chance to save even more on companion products, discounted books, and data CDs with free shipping!



==== Tech Support Contest Results =================


The results are in for the Tech Support Contest that was announced in the last newsletter. We posed some of the more amusing tech support questions that we've received over the years and asked you how we should have answered them. And the winner is..... ... Jim Marascio of Charlotte, North Carolina! Following is how he answered Question #2:


Q2: "How can I get TMG to tell me when it is time to go to bed?"

A: Why would you want to do that?! Sleep is for the weak-minded and can only slow your research progress.


Congratuations, Jim, you've earned a $50.00 gift certificate in the Wholly Genes store!


The vote was very close and there were so many good responses that we have to list some "Honorable Mentions":


Q1: "TMG is asking me a question but the only choices are Yes and No. What is the right answer?"

A: There is no correct answer... we just put that there to test you. (DianneT)

A: Maybe. But we didn�t have room for it on the screen. (TeresaE)

A: Yes, is the correct answer, unless you are an antiestablishmentalexistentialist. (CharlieH)

A: The one in the middle. (JimM)

A: There are no right answers in this world, grasshopper. Only those that allow us to follow The Path. (MarcyH)

A: 42 (cf. "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.") (DarrellM)


Q2: "How can I get TMG to tell me when it is time to go to bed?"

A: Sorry, but the software is designed to keep you working, and will not allow you to take time out for such mundane things as sleeping, eating, or working. (PatriciaH)

A: Watch to see when the words blur, that's the signal to go to bed. (WillieM)

A: First, you need to define �bed� � since a computer does not sleep, it does not recognize the concept of bed. Once you have defined �bed� as a place upon which a vertical operator becomes horizontal and then optimizes its power source by minimizing its output, the computer will inform you to go on standby� or perhaps even to shutdown. (DianneT)

A: First you have to teach TMG to speak. This is an easy trick. When you hear TMG barking on it's own, encourage it by excitedly saying, "Speak! Speak" Once your TMG is speaking on command, we can move on to the next step, telling time. (MarcyH)


Q3: "Could you please look up my father, John Smith, and tell me what it says about him?"

A: Unfortunately, that information is classified. (DianneT. Similarly from TeresaE)

A: Sorry, but we can find nothing on anyone named John Smith. (PatriciaH)

A: It says he's one-in-a-million. (JimM)


Q4: "If I don't know when or where an event happened, what's the difference between the date and the place?"

A: Three months. (TeresaE)

A: Three consonants. (JimM)

A: There is no difference as time is grounded in the actuality, the knowledge of place. To know this "always so" is then, your illumination. Not knowing it, is to go blindly into disaster. (CharlieH)

A: As Billy Preston said, "Nothing from nothing leaves nothing," so there is no difference. (MarcyH)

A: Einstein's General Theory of Relativity states that space and time are just two aspects of the same thing. You must provide us with the Universal Spatiotemporal Coordinates, Recent Epoch, Sol III offsets, of both the date and the place or we will not be able to calculate the difference. (DarrellM)


Q5: "There are blanks in Preferences for the researcher's name and address. How do I know what to type in there?"

A: Look in a mirror. If you recognize the person you see there, put in that person's name and address. (BarryH)

A: It�s included in the email we sent you when you bought the software. What do you mean you didn�t keep it? (TeresaE)

A: Only when one knows the inner "self" will one be able to fill in the blanks. (CharlieH)

A: Check your driver�s license and type in the information you find there. (BillyS)

A: Ask your closest living relative, using standard methods to calculate the Degree of Consanguinity. That person will know. (DarrellM)

A: Like any genealogical problem, start with the documentation. The first place to check is probably your driver's license. Most people keep a reasonably current address there. It should provide at least a starting point. However, if you suspect that the license is out of date, check for other recent documentation: a recent payment receipt (like a paycheck stub or bank deposit slip) may provide more reliable primary information. Just to be sure, compare both the license and payment stub to a recent utility bill (you can probably find one on the kitchen table); applying the Genealogical Proof Standard tells us that a reasonably exhaustive search of available resources and thorough comparison of the evidence will allow us to resolve any discrepancies. Please let us know if you need any further assistance after trying these methods, and thank you for your interest in The Master Genealogist! (DeAnnaB)


Q6: "I clicked on the grey button at the bottom of the window but it didn't do what I expect. Now what?"

A: Change your expectations and click again. (TeresaE. Similarly DianneT, GaryR, and BillyS)

A: When you press the grey button it's best not to have any expectations. Then you'll never be disappointed. (MelindaP)

A: Keep clicking on the gray button until it does what you expect. Then move on with your life. (CharlieH)

A: I received your question, but it wasn't what I expected. Now what? (JimM)


(Regarding the cruise)

Q7: "Can I book a cabin on the east side of the ship?"

A: No, the east side is full, you can have a cabin in the North or West side though. (TeresaE. Similarly MelindaP)

A: Yes, but they are only available when we are sailing north or south. (KathyM)

A: Yes, but we reserve the right to change the orientation of the ship at any time. (CharlieH)

A: No, regretfully. The east side of the ship is restricted to captain and crew members. (DianneT) (Editor: I guess they like sunrises too!)

A: You certainly can; however, I must point out the downside. There will be an additional fee when you change cabins on the way home. (ChuckH)

A: Only if you're oriental. Oh. East, not Far East. Nevermind. (MarcyH)


Q8: "Where are the cabins that have a view of the ocean?"

A: Above sea level. (DianneT. Similarly FrancisJ)

A: Above the water line on the east side of the ship. Unfortunately these are full. (TeresaE)

A: The cabins with a view of the ocean are all underwater, but the cruise line kept having problems with leakage, so they have sealed over all the windows. (PatriciaH. Similarly MelindaP and ChuckH)

A: Walk around the outside of the ship and find the small round windows. Mark their location on a map of the ship. Those are the cabins with a view. (MarcyH)

(Editor: You haven't been on a cruise lately, Marcy . Now most of the ocean view rooms have balconies! But only the ones above sea level.)


Q9: "My wife and I are not genealogists or TMG users. Can we go on the cruise anyway?"

A: We'd love to have you but you'll have to share a cabin with Mrs Jane Jones, her father John Smith, who's been lost for some time, and Mr Jones. (ChuckH)

A: All are welcome, though we caution with fair warning, our addiction is communicable. You must wear protective clothing, ear and eye ware at all times. (CharlieH)

A: Yes. The price is double and you cannot attend any of the meetings that you're not interested in. (MarcyH)


Q10: "My wife, Jane Smith, would also like to go. Can I get a cabin near hers?"

A: No, spouses are not allowed to have cabins close together. There are still openings on the west side of the ship though. However, since we strongly suspect that you married your sister, (see #3), we would prefer if you sailed with another cruise line. (TeresaE)

A: We are sorry, but we have found that couples attending our conference with nearby cabins spend too much time with each other and do not pay enough attention to our lectures, so they must be booked into rooms at opposite ends of the ship. (PatriciaH)

A: Only if you signs a post-nuptial agreement conserving her rights to privacy. (CharlieH)

A: Yes, you can as long as there aren't any court restraining orders on you! (JohnH)

A: Yes, but we will need written permission from your wife, in triplicate. At least one copy needs to be notarized. (DarrellM)

A: Regretfully, all surrounding cabins have been reserved... and there is a waiting list for the second bunk. (DianneT)


Thanks to all who participated. We hope that you had as much fun with this as we did!



==== New Data CDs =============================


The following new searchable data CDs are now available from WhollyGenes.com:


o Wilbur D. Spencer, "Pioneers on Maine Rivers," 1930.

A detailed history and description of each Maine river settlement

and its pioneers.

See: http://www.whollygenes.com/find_wg.mvc?refid=NEWS&p=US0290


o Noyes et al., "Genealogical Dictionary of Maine and New Hampshire," 1928-1939.

The classic reference of biographical and genealogical data on

every family established in Maine and New Hampshire before 1699.

See: http://www.whollygenes.com/find_wg.mvc?refid=NEWS&p=US0288


o Cotton Mather, "Magnalia Christi Americana," 1855.

Cotton Mather was the most prolific writer of colonial New England.

In these two magnificent volumes, he preserves much history of

the institution that became the Congregational Church. Most

importantly, he collected important biographical information on

nearly all the early New England ministers.

See: http://www.whollygenes.com/find_wg.mvc?refid=NEWS&p=US0249


o Hamilton Andrews Hill, "History of the Old South Church (Third Church) Boston, 1669-1884," 1890.

A comprehensive history of the Third or Old South Church of Boston

during its first two centuries.

See: http://www.whollygenes.com/find_wg.mvc?refid=NEWS&p=US0218


o Hamilton Andrews Hill and George Frederick Bigelow "Historical Catalogue of the Old South Church (Third Church) Boston, 1669-1882," 1883.

Includes complete lists of those admitted to full communion and

those who subscribed to the covenant of the Old South Church for

the full span of years stated in the title and have added

biographical sketches of members admitted to full communion

from 1669 to 1719.

See: http://www.whollygenes.com/find_wg.mvc?refid=NEWS&p=US0219


o "The Probate Records of Essex County, Massachusetts, Volume I-III, 1635-1681," 1916-1920.

These three volumes have collected in one place all probate records

for the towns that constitute Essex County. Wills and inventories

are provided in full transcription, while all other documents,

including letters of administration, estate settlements and

the like, appear in full or in abstract.

See: http://www.whollygenes.com/find_wg.mvc?refid=NEWS&p=US0289



==== Cruise Bonus Gift Certificate ===================


Are you on the fence about going on the 2nd Annual Genealogy Conference and Cruise?


Here's another great reason to go: Archive CD Books USA will donate a gift certificate worth $250.00 to each person who registers for our group!


Wow! That could buy 15 or more data CDs that are chock full of information to help with your research. And if you bring your spouse, you'll each get a gift certificate for a total value of $500. That will cover most of the cost of your spouse's ticket!


The gift certificates can be redeemed on the Wholly Genes store for data CDs that are currently in the U.S. collection (product codes starting with "US"). Future CDs in that collection will also be eligible, with a few possible exceptions that will be noted when those products are released. The certificates will be distributed on the ship and will expire one year thereafter. If you don't use the gift certificate all at once, you can apply any unused balance to future invoices before the expiration date.


If you're already registered for this year's cruise, then don't worry. You'll get a $250 gift certificate too.


Combine a vacation with a great educational experience:

o An 8 day (7 night) cruise from Los Angeles to the Mexican Riviera (Nov 11-18, 2006).

o At least 12 hours of instruction from some of the most renowned researchers and technology experts in the genealogy community.

o At least 10 more hours of instructions from TMG experts on how to make the most of your software.

o Scheduled one-on-ones and casual breakfasts with the speakers.

o Vacation time on three exotic ports of call that doesn't conflict with the genealogy lectures.

and now...

o A $250.00 gift certificate for data CDs from Archive CD Books USA!


Prices start at just $825.80 (double occupancy) which _includes_ food, port fees, taxes, shipboard entertainment, and attendance to all group lectures and events. If you need a friendly roommate, we can help you with that too.


At this writing there is some space available in our group but the deadline for registration is July 28th and space may run out before then.


For more information, please visit:




==== Cruising with your Spouse ====================


Some spouses worry about what they would do on a cruise while the other half is learning how to be a better genealogist.


You won't be bored, that's for sure! The Diamond Princess is a modern, well-designed ship with oodles of things to do. And since most evenings and every port day is reserved for private time (i.e., no genealogy lectures), you'll have plenty of time to spend together.


The ship includes:

o Three nightclubs.

o Four lounges.

o A huge casino with a variety of table games, bingo, and 269 slot machines.

o A broadway-style theater.

o An outdoor movie theater under the stars.

o Full-length feature movies.

o An art gallery and auctions.

o Virtual golf simulators with 35 of the world's most famous golf courses.

o A nine-hole putting course.

o Several restaurants, grills, a pizza bar, and sundaes by the pool

o Three standard pools, a lap pool, and many hot tubs.

o A spa, gym, and fitness area.

o Fitness classes like aerobics, pilates, and kickboxing.

o A jogging track.

o A library and writing room.

o An internet cafe (with wireless available).

o A wedding chapel.

o Individual and group instruction on photography, pottery, ceramics, computers, culinary, visual arts, and other topics.

o Duty-free boutiques

o Most rooms have private balconies where you can lounge, sip, read, and enjoy the view.


If you have children or teens, they won't miss you much because the ship has a fully-equipped "Fun Zone" with outdoor and indoor play areas, games, arts & crafts, a video arcade, teen disco, kids deck and pool areas, and a full schedule of planned activities.


Listen to some of those who attended last years' conference and cruise:


- "My wife, a non-genealogist, and I both enjoyed everything about the cruise. The food was fantastic (nothing to say after "24-hour Pizza!"), the speakers were great, and the casino was open much too often!" (Tent and Jean Eyler)


- "My husband was afraid that he'd have nothing to do. He didn't want to come home!" (Alice G).


- "The Wholly Genes Genealogy Conference and Cruise was the first of many, we hope! What better combination than honing your genealogy research skills with experts, while vacationing with old and new friends, plus the opportunity to share with researchers from all over the U.S. and Canada." (Del and Fred from Arizona)


- "The cruise was a very affordable equivalent to a national genealogy conference with a superb range of speakers where the schedule let me attend EVERY lecture." (David Ball, North Vancouver BC Canada)


- "My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed the cruise and conference. Well worth the time and the money and we will look forward to going again." (Lowell E. Nichols)


- "Our daughter and son-in-law were involved in all sorts of shipboard activities while my husband and I rubbed elbows with some of the most famous genealogists in the country. Then the four of us spent every meal, evening, and port excursion together for one of the best vacations of our lives! What a great combination. Thanks again for a wonderful experience!" (Betty A).


For more information, please visit:




==== NGS Conference in Chicago ====================


If you're in Chicago next week (June 7-10), come visit us at the National Genealogical Society (NGS) Conference in the States and GENTECH 2006. You'll find members of the Wholly Genes staff and other expert TMG users buzzing around Exhibit Booths 603 and 605. Come by and say hello!


Also, Bob Velke, President of Wholly Genes Software, will be conducting three hands-on TMG workshops at the conference. These popular computer workshops are about 2.5 hours each -- or a total of 7.5 hours of hands-on instruction if you choose to attend all three. At this writing there are still some seats available in each workshop but don't wait to register at the conference itself because they nearly always sell out:


Thursday, 8:00am

The Master Genealogist: Beginner

Get an introduction to the basics of The Master Genealogist, a genealogical project manager. Includes basic data entry, navigation, and TMG Concepts.


Friday, 2:30pm

The Master Genealogist: Intermediate

This computer workshop provides you with instruction on The Master Genealogist. Items covered include witnesses, timelines, and other tools.


Saturday, 8am

The Master Genealogist: Advanced

This session offers advanced instruction on the use of The Master Genealogist. Learn about subjects such as sentence construction, advanced source citations, and the Custom Report Writer.


For more information, please visit:




==== TMG Companion Products =====================


The following companion products which were developed for TMG users like you:


"Getting the Most Out of The Master Genealogist"

The popular book compiled by Lee Hoffman.

See http://www.WhollyGenes.com/gettingthemost.htm


Video training for TMG on DVD

Getting Started, Intermediate, Advanced, or Expert

See http://www.WhollyGenes.com/videotapes.htm


Second Site

Web site construction tools for your TMG data.

See http://www.WhollyGenes.com/secondsite.htm

Latest version=1.9 Build 7


Pocket Genealogist

The TMG companion program for Windows CE handheld users.

See http://www.WhollyGenes.com/pocketgen.htm

Latest version=2.97


GedStar PRO

The TMG companion program for PalmOS users.

See http://www.WhollyGenes.com/gedstarpro.htm

Latest version=3.1



The research advisor that reads your TMG data directly.

See http://www.WhollyGenes.com/gensmarts.htm

Latest version=


Chartform Delivery

An inexpensive chart printing service

See http://www.WhollyGenes.com/wallcharts.htm


For the full list of companion products, please visit the Wholly Genes Community forum (http://www.WhollyGenes.com/forums.htm) and click on "Companion Products."



=== Wholly Genes online chat =======================


The next online chat with Wholly Genes will be on Saturday, 24 June 2006, at 2pm EDT and again at 11pm Eastern Time. Don't miss this opportunity to "talk" online with Wholly Genes representatives, as well as with other TMG users around the world.


Remember that the Wholly Genes chat room is available to you at any time. Just go to http://www.WhollyGenes.com and click on Chat in the menu. When you see the security warning, click on or . Then be patient because it could take 30 seconds or more (especially on a dial-up connection) to load the necessary chat tools. When prompted, simply enter a chat nickname and then click on Connect. That's all there is to it. We hope to see you there!



==== How to reach us =============================


For tech support, please access the Wholly Genes Community message board at:


or write to:



Please be sure to note what version of the program you are using.


You can also reach us at:


Wholly Genes Software

9110 Red Branch Road, Suite "O"

Columbia, Maryland 21045


410-379-5424 (fax)


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