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How can I get rid of the little black dots on a box chart?

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How can I get rid of the little black dots on a box chart?

Applies to: TMG5


Answer: When you generate a box chart (ancestors, descendant, or hourglass) there is a series of little black dots around the perimeter of each box.


Those dots are "connection ports" and they serve as visual clues, marking the various places on the box to which you can attach custom lines.


You can turn them off while viewing the chart (View > Ports) but that will only affect the current chart. If you want the connection ports to be invisible for every new chart, then change the options within the report definition itself. That is, on the Report Definition Screen, click on the Options button, access the Other tab, and uncheck the box that says "Visible connection ports." Now the connection ports will be invisible on every new chart that is generated with that report definition.


(By turning them off, you simply make the black dots invisible but the connection ports are still there.)

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