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Reiger, Ron

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This web site displays output from two TMG projects. The first is for Bausman, Boehringer, Böhringer, Brinkman, Brinkmann, Childress, Dodson, Melton, South, and Wetzel families in/around Miami County, Ohio. The second is for Eash, Erb, Everhart, Fearon, Gonter, Horning, Lab, Reiger, Rieger, Roush, Slemmer, Snavely, Sterner, and Weigand families in/around Tuscarawas County, Ohio.


TMG data is displayed using PphGedView. The site uses Exhibit Engine, a free php/MySQL-based image gallery application, to organize, diplay, and search photos. (Download EE here.) PhpGedView and Exhibit Engine (EE) are linked, so on each individual's gen page there is a link to all photos of that person on the EE 'side' of the web site. Follow this link for a sample: http://www.reigerfamily.com/gen/individual.php?pid=I196 On the right side of the page you should see the text: "Found X photos of this person. Click here to view." Clicking that link opens a new window of image thumbnails of the individual.



Keeping the images separate from the gen data improves the performance of PhpGedView. The downside is that each photo must be tagged with the TMG ID of each person in the photo. That can be a lot of work. Also, renumbering individuals in TMG becomes a big no-no.


I'm adding code to Exhibit Engine so it will read and display custom xmp-based metadata for my gen photos. I'm entering in the metadata using Photoshop CS2 using a custom Info Panel to capture gen data (Photo Provenance, Annotations, Original Photo Format (for scanned images), etc.). Next up: I think I'll make some custom Photoshop Info Panels that follow the models defined in Elizabeth Shown Mills' "Evidence" and offer them through this forum for anyone to use.

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