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Scrolling problems in memo windows

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I have a peculiar and annoying problem with TMG 6.x on my IBM Thinkpad laptop. I use TMG like the man that just won the prize for his book. I have basic tags, and the rest, the narrative of the life, goes into the Biography tag memo. In my case, it's because I started with Commsoft's RootsII and RootsIII and that was the best way to handle a lot of detail. Now I am revising these texts in TMG, which means a lot of editing, as some of them date back 20 years or more. I will be typing along, adding, deleting, inserting--editing in a word--and suddenly the whole text will scroll, and it will remain scrolled. Up until yesterday it always suddenly scrolled to the end, where there is a [CR] to prevent the biography text from blending with the genealogical summary from TMG which follows it. Yesterday, 2 minutes after I had started work on a biography I have been working on all week, it scrolled upward. Dragging on the scroll bars either has no effect or drags the text down or up until the scroll bar is released, when it re-scrolls to top or bottom. Again, up until yesterday this has affected only the text I was working with--other biography memos were fine. Yesterday it affected all windows with scroll bars in all records. Previously the only solution was to shut down and go away. The next night when I got home from work everything would be fine. Once, last week, pasting the item I had been just about to paste at the end after the [CR] caused the phenomenon to stop. Yesterday, shifting the laptop to a different site and different power source worked to halt it. Needless to say this makes me nervous, especially as I haven't a clue as to what could be causing it. The only explanation I can come up with is that the cramped keyboard of the laptop and my fat figures are interacting in a negative way, but what key or keys might be involved I have no idea. Any ideas or advice would be very gratefully accepted.


Barry Hinman


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