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My website includes two major sections --

My personal family history section includes over 2000 ancestors of me and my wife. Consistent with my philosophy of using a website to create contacts with others, it provides only basic information and invites others to contact us for exchange of details. The following are the principal surnames, covering the places and time periods listed:

  • Cobb, UK>MA>CT>NY>VT>KY, 1400-1999
  • Dyer, UK>MA>VT, 1775-1920
  • Fenker/Fenncker, DE>OH>KY, 1770-current
  • Follmer/Vollmer, DE>PA, 1650-1870
  • Gann, PA, 1775-1920
  • Gapsch, DE>MO>WA, 1840-1920
  • Glabe/Glebe, DE>IL>CA, 1650-1950
  • Goller, DE>IL, 1700-1950
  • Logan, UK>VA>KY, 1750-1920
  • Meriwether, UK>VA>KY, 1630-1830
  • Mims, VA>KY, 1770-1840
  • Reigel/Riegel, DE>PA>WA>CA, 1816-current
  • Sander, DE>OH, 1775-1970
  • Watson, UK>RI>IN>IL, 1646-1925
  • Wieman, DE>OH, 1800-1940

The family history section is located at reigelridge.com/family

A section for TMG tips includes over 75 articles on use of TMG (and a few on Second Site), including:

  • Basic Concepts
  • Understanding TMG Functions and Features
  • Intermediate Features - Customizing
  • Sharing Your Research
  • Advanced Subjects

The TMG section is at tmg.reigelridge.com

The family history section was created with TMG and Second Site, highly customized using the methods described in my Second Site Tips section. The TMG tips section was created with Dreamweaver.

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The family history section of the site is now in two parts:

  • Outline Section, which provides only basic information about some 2900 people I am actively researching. The intent of this section is to establish contacts with other researchers working on the same lines.
  • Narrative Section, which provides detailed information about lines I have "finished" researching, if there is such a thing. This section is under constrution and only a small number of people are currently included.

The two sections are constructed independently with Second Site, with the Common page constructed outside of SS. For people who appear in both sections, there are cross-references in the Outline section to the more complete information in the other section. The Narrative Section is constructed to make it appear that each family line in an independent site. But in fact there is only one site involved, for ease of maintenance and to allow readers to easily navigate between family lines where members of the several lines intermarry.

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