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Linda Reinfeld

Individual Narrative sort

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I am trying to get contact info (address, e-mail and phone) for a subset

of my data for a family reunion. Nothing works well - the best I have

found is the Individual Narrative, printing only my custom tag called

ContactInfo, where I have put the information in the location fields

(e-mail in temple). The reason to use the Individual Narrative is that

it allows me to use the married names of women (always a problem in

TMG). However, when I print the report, sorted on Surname, the correct

married name prints, but it is sorted in non-married-name order! It does

make for a strange report. And, excel is not an output option, so you

can't sort the report a different way.


Is this by design? or is it a bug?


If anyone else has an easier way to print contact info with a married

name, I would love to have their ideas.....


Thanks for your time -


Linda Reinfeld

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