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Chronology (timeline) Report

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I would like to have TMG generate a Chronology report. The report is basically for one particular subject, but would include key events (birth, marriage, divorce, death, to name a few) in the lives of children, spouse, parents, and grandchildren that occur within the life time of the subject. Births of chidlren are already a tag within the subjects list of tags.) Optimally, I could select children's BMDD, children's spouse's BMDD, parent's marriage or remarriage, divorce or death, grandchildren's BMDD. Allowing users to pick other people to include would add an extra level of functionality, similar to including History tags in the person's life, but for people.


This report would provide a unique analysis tool for following the life events that occured within the lifetime of the subject. Some such as death of a spouse, marriage of children or birth of grandchildren can help explain why people were where they were.


The format would be tabular, similar to the Individual Detail report, but with the addition of an age column.


The Individual Detail report currently only gives the tag and witness data for the subject, which includes birth data on children and marriage to spouse(s) and divorce if entered with two principals. None of the variables in tag sentences are substituted, and none of the other information is available.


If there is such a report or list that will provide that information in the appropriate format, I would appreciate hearing about it. If not, I hope the developers will consider this for a future release.






Bill Bienia

Hillsburgh, Ontatio, Canada


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