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Mixed Case Exhibit names

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I have a bunch of exhibits currently named like this - 020-emmajanelittlechandler.jpg

For reasons unimportant to discussion, I'm re-doing some things and the exhibits are going to be renamed case sensitive, thus this file will become 020-EmmaJaneLittleChandler.jpg


I know about the trick to use File > Preferences > Advanced > Save Image Thumbnails, uncheck the box, then recheck the box to get them to reconnect.


My questions is, in so doing, will it reconnect the images as long as they are identically named, regardless of case sensitivity? Or do I need to go re-connect them all individually?



Kathryn Bassett (at work address)


kathryn@bassett.net (home)

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Windows is case-insensitive.


020-emmajanelittlechandler.jpg is the same as 020-EmmaJaneLittleChandler.jpg as far as the operating system is concerned.


You haven't disconnected anything so nothing needs to be reconnected.

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