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Legacy Import -- Source exhibits lost

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After several issues with installing under Vista, I have succeeded in importing my Legacy 6.0 data into TMG. Unfortunately, I have several thousand images referenced in the Legacy "source details" that are apparently completely ignored by GenBridge. It would take several months to fix all the connections to these images by hand. I have tried generating GEDCOM from Legacy and then importing, but the results are even less satisfactory. I had REALLY wanted to switch to TMG since it seems to have much better exhibit capabilities, but without an automatic conversion I'm probably stuck in Legacy forever.



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Why is this topic under Family Tree SuperTools?


Source exhibits are not currently imported and that's a known issue.


If you import using GEDCOM, you need to use the Advanced Import Wizard so that the custom GEDCOM tags created by Legacy can be imported as custom Tag Types. The GEDCOM import should be possible with a high degree of success.

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