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1 tag (i named it GreekChristening because I anticipate sometime in the future I will find at least 1 family member that wasn't christened in a Greek church :))


1. babynewname: (if child was given a different name than the one on the birth certificate, or a variation of that name, for example my cousin is Mary but she was christened Maria)


<[D], > [RP:babynewname] was christened Greek Orthodox< and was given the name [PG]>< as the godchild of [R:godparent], ><[M1]>.<The ceremony was performed at [ADDRESSEE] [L].>< [M2].>


for [pg] i choose the christian name from the drop down menu which I've already added as a name var

this sentence accomodates more than 1 godparent

in [m1] i like to add the relationship of the godparent or godparents

[m2] extra details, priests name, who baby was named after, etc.


babysamename: opposite of above, sofia on birth cert, sofia at christening

<[D], > [RF:babysamename] was christened Greek Orthodox< as the godchild of [R:godparent], ><[M1]>.<The ceremony was performed at [ADDRESSEE] [L].>< [M2].>

same as above but minus the "and was given the name .."



[R:godparent] became the godparent of< [WM1], ><[R:babysamename]><[R:babynewname]>, <[D]>< at [ADDRESSEE] [L]>< along with [WO]><. [WM2]>

in [wm1] i put the relationship to the baby, in [wm2] extra notes


feel free to play with this, it took me hours to get it to print properly but once it does it reads like a charm,


here is an example of how it prints

In 1971, she was christened Greek Orthodox and was given the name Maria by John Smith, her uncle. The ceremony was performed at ABC Greek Orthodox Church in in Timbuktu. She was named after her paternal grandmother.



In 1970, Peter was christened Greek Orthodox as the godchild of John Smith and Antoinette Jones, his second cousins. The ceremony was performed at ABC Orthodox Church in Africa. The Reverend Jones officiated.


for godparents it would print something like

She became the godparent of her second cousin, Peter, in 1970 at ABC Orthodox Church in Africa, along with John Smith.



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