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Picklist and Filter Problems

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Once again I'm chasing my tail and hoping that a cleared head (certainly not mine!) will help.


In the main database of my primary project I have just over 50,000 names. Today I attempted to locate a record [#7850 Phoebe Dunbar] and it didn't appear in the picklist.


I found the record by Reference Number. However to check TMG I then searched by using both the simple and advanced picklists, and also by running reports.


The picklist displayed 9 names

The report listed 2 additional names (total 11)

Neither included #7850


I ran Validate File Integrity - result no problems, then Optimised.


I re-ran reports, rechecked picklists, still no Phoebe.


The report I used was List of People, filter 'any given name contains [?]' (I entered 'Phoebe')


I modified the filter to 'sex does not include male' and any given name contains [?] - same results


I tried filering the picklists, once 'primary names only' . Still no Phoebe.


The only observation is that all other results were 5 digit (e.g. #33883, #434410) and the wanted result 4 digit.


So what is peventing the picklist from displaying all ID's?


More worrying, how can I depend on the fidelity of picklist information and report filtering?


Pat Dunbar

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A strange tale follows!


As you suggested I checked the Given Name in the Tag Entry panel: it showed "Phoebe".

F2 -The Picklist did not show '#1:1750 Phoebe Dunbar'


In the Tag Entry I deleted, then re-entered "Phoebe"

F2 - The Picklist then showed '#1:1750 Phoebe Dunbar'



1) How many more similar entries are missing from my picklist, and how can I locate them? (Please bear in mind that I had already Re-indexed)

2) Is this a possible problem with this version of TMG? My version is Gold, English, fully updated.


Kind regards,


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