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One way of doing it is:


When you have the child on the screen select F4 on the keyboard. Scroll down the list on the 'Tag Type List' and select Mother-Bio (you can get there faster by typing 'MO" fairly rapidly. Click on select. if you know the number of the mother on your data base type this in where it says Parent. If not, click on the binoculars where it says Parent and search for the mother and select her. Click on OK.


You can do similar if you are on the mothers screen.

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Go to the son and search for the mother by the above method. If she's there, link to her with her ID number as above.


If the mother is not yet in the system, there is another advantage of doing it this way, linking son to a newly entered mother (add mother), rather than linking mother to son. Once both new parents are established, mine is set to automatically prompt and ask whether I want to establish a marriage and a married name.


If the father to son and mother to son links are generated independently, it is possible to continue without any marriage of the parents being listed at all.

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The easiest way is to click on the mother field of the child and then place the mother ID number in the empty mother-bio field. You can use the picklist button to find her if you do not know her number.


Happy New Year! :toot:


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