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Bob Velke

Important Upgrade Instructions!

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Users upgrading to TMG V7 should please understand the following important points:

  • TMG v6 and TMG v7 can run happily on the same computer at the same time. Your unlock code (aka "license" or "serial number") for TMG v6 will not unlock TMG v7, however. Shortly after purchasing the TMG v7 upgrade, you will receive a new serial number by email to unlock the new program. If you do not see it, please check your spam or junk folder for a message with a subject that begins with "Serial Number for The Master Genealogist v7".
  • Users who purchased or upgraded to TMG v6 after 17 August 2007 will *automatically* receive an email with a free upgrade to TMG v7. Those who purchased a CD(s) during that time will *automatically* receive a replacement in the mail. These policies also apply to gifts of TMG that you may have purchased for others. Please do not contact technical support unless you have not received your TMG v7 serial number(s) in email by 11 Jan 2008 or there has been a change to your shipping address. In the meantime, feel free to use the trial version of the program (available from http://www.whollygenes.com/tmg.htm) which is fully functional for 30 days.
  • Although TMG v6 and v7 can be run at the same time on the same computer, they cannot access the same project. Once a project is upgraded to TMG v7, it cannot be read again by v6.
  • To upgrade an existing project to TMG v7 you must back it up from v6 (or earlier) and _restore_ it to v7. You cannot simply use File>Open to access a project which was created in an earlier version.
  • TMG v7 uses a new strategy for data file storage in accordance with Microsoft recommendations. Most notably, data files can no longer be stored in the program folder. During the restore process, v7 data files are automatically placed in their new default locations, depending on their type (e.g., projects, exhibits, speller checking dictionary, layouts, report configurations, etc.). Again, this process is completely automatic and most users will be satisfied to just accept the default settings in the Restore Wizard.

If you are curious about the details of the new file storage system, however, please consult the topic called "Data File Storage" in the TMG v7 Help file. Power users who prefer to isolate multiple projects so that they don't share configuration files, exhibit folders, etc., are especially encouraged to read this help topic and the linked topics for "Advanced Users."


THEREFORE, the process to upgrade your data from v6 (or earlier) to v7 is as follows:

  1. Run TMG v6 and back up your data (File>Backup). In Step 2 of the Backup Wizard, be SURE to make a note of the backup file location. In Step 3, be sure to include accents, filters, layouts, report configurations, and any other customizations that you want to move to v7.
  2. Purchase and download your upgrade to The Master Genealogist v7 from:
  3. Install TMG v7 and run that program with the Sample project. Consult the "Data File Storage" help topic if desired.
  4. Restore your project to TMG v7 (File>Restore), selecting the backup file that you created in Step #1.

Since TMG v6 and v7 can peacefully coexist on your computer, we recommend that you do not uninstall the earlier version until you're happily accessing your data with the new program.


That's it! Thank you for using The Master Genealogist. We're sure that you will really enjoy this major new upgrade!

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