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Problems installing TMG 7

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I just purchased download upgrade of TMG 7.


I downloaded the TMG7 program and installed. At the completion of the installation (reaches 100%) I obtain a message:


"Updating System Configuration. Please Wait"


After about 15-20 seconds I get another message:


"You do not have access to make requires system configuration modfication. Please rerun the installation from an Administrators account".


I tried several times uninstalling, rebooting, and redownloading from scratch with no success.


I am running Windows XP Pro and I am certain I am running under Administator account. In fact just to make sure I went to "MyComputer/Manage//User" and Administrator account I am running under is a "Member of" the following: "Administrator", "Backup Operator", "HelpServer Group", "Network Config Options", "Power User", "Remote Desktop User" , "Replicator", and "User". I also went to directory and made sure TMG7 directory has access for "Everyone" "Full Control" .

The computer where I am trying to install I have used for several years and never obtained this message before. TMG v6.12 still works fine but I am dead in the water with Version 7. Any suggestions greatly appreciated. Thanks! :wacko::wacko::wacko:

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