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v7 Installation problem

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Last night I was happily using 6.07 and clicked on 'search for upgrades' and discovered I was way behind.


So, I bought an upgrade from 6.07 to 7, then opened TMG, searched on upgrades and the upgrade to 6.12 was downloaded.


However, when I opened TMG after my computer restarted, I get a message box saying 'Downloading messages' which is 20% complete - and the page freezes. If I click anywhere, I get the message 'program not responding'


Next I tried to download the whole of v 7 straight to my desk top (a very long process), and then installed it on my computer. However as soon as I try to open a data set (whether the sample or my own), again I get that message box which is 20% complete and frozen.


Can anyone help please?


I have emailed the TMG help line, but as I had no response to 2 previous emails, I'm sure they are getting through.


Yours in anticipation,


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Hi Anne,


There may be something in this thread worth trying:




Thanks for this Doug. I have wireless, so once I disconnected my modem, I had to wait a minute or so for it to get to 100% then the box disappeared. I then went to 'preferences' and told it search for messages every 0 days. And all is now well.


Thanks again,


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