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All three roles use the same sentence, with the exception of Heir and Administrator which use [WM] in the place of [M]. I put the punctuation myself in the memo field, hence the [:NP:].


[:CR:][:TAB:]The Executor or Administrator's first job after receiving Letters of Administration is to take an inventory or appraisal of the estate's assets. This inventory must be filed with the court. [R:Administrator] served as the Executor or Administrator of [R:Testator]'s estate and filed an inventory with the court [D] [L]. <[R:Heir] was listed on the inventory of [R:Testator].> <[WM]>[:NP:]


Testator is the deceased person, who technically was a testator, since he/she died intestate, but I use that role on all EST-tags (I use the three letter EST before the tag name so they all sort together.)


I put the BULK of text for the inventory in another tag called EST-Inventory-Text. The memo field of this tag is mainly for commentary by me about the estate. A transcription of the inventory is put in the Text tag. This allows me to have more control over printing, and formatting I use for SS.

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