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I tried to create a new custom icon for my custom toolbar. I used an icon downloaded from the Internet. I stored it in a folder I called "myicons."


But, I discovered in the custom toolbar creation the new TMGv7 automatically defaults to icons located in the following folder: C:\documents and settings\all users\application data\The Master Genealogist v7\buttons\ .


When I tried to attach to another folder, it seemed to accept it; but I didn't get the icon. When I looked back, TMG still defaulted to only the above folder, even though I had changed it.


When I tried to move my "myicons" folder, or the icons in it, into the above referenced folder, I found I can't get to that location in Windows Explorer. Under "docs and settings\all users," I can only get the sub folders: Desktop, Favorites, Shared Docs, and Start Menu, NOT Application data.


I asked a frequent user of Customs in our RUG group. She looked and says her customs icons are all still stored in the TMGv6 folder: Program Files/The Master Genealogist/buttons. They evidently did not transfer over into TMGv7's folders; but can still be used from TMGv7.


So, the question is: what is going on in TMGv7 with custom icon buttons?? Where should they be stored?

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Please read the Data File Storage topic in TMG7 help.


It includes:

"For your information: By default, Windows hides the Shared Program Data Folder and the User Program Data Folder, so you must select 'Show hidden files and folders' on the Windows Explorer / Tools / Folder Options / View tab in order to browse the folders using Windows Explorer. Windows Help should walk you through enabling this option if you click on the Windows Desktop, press the key to open Windows help and search for 'show hidden files'."


The buttons folder was relocated so that you can use it to store your custom buttons along with the default buttons.


Having your buttons stored in the buttons folder also facilitates your being able to backup your custom buttons using the Backup Wizard.

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I had already figured out how to turn on the "Application Data" folders which were hidden in Windows.


But, then when I copied the custom icons into the buttons folder under Application Data, they show up in the list of buttons in the buttons folder in Windows Explorer, but still don't show up in TMG as choices in the custom buttons list.

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