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Question about Check for an Update (on the Help menu)

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I typically do not use either the automated update checking feature or the "Check for Update" option on the Help menu. Since I visit the WG site pretty much daily, I just keep an eye out for available updates while I am there. But, this evening I executed the option on the Help menu and met with the following:


1. TMG closed.

2. I was then presented with the check for update dialog.

3. I then hit the "Next" button and got the "Update Checked" message which informed me that I was running the latest version of TMG.

4. I hit "Ok" and was left at my Windows desktop.


This brings me to my question. The TMG help text for "Check for Program Update" states:


When the update is complete, TMG will automatically close and reopen.


My system did not perform an update because there was none available. So, does TMG not re-open the application unless an update was performed, and if so, is this by design?


Mike Daugherty

Frederick, Maryland

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