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I used TMG's slideshow manager for the first time today and created a small test slideshow with 21 family photos in it. I saved it under the name "FamilyPhotos". It plays fine through the slideshow manager.


Then I clicked "Export", and in the resulting dialog I checked "Include Slideshow Viewer" and selected an empty folder on my C: drive to export to. The path to the folder was C:\SlideshowTest. Then I clicked "Export".


When I opened the SlideshowTest folder after the export I have two sub-folders within it: OCX and SOURCE. The SOURCE folder contains the images as I would have expected. There is also a group of files in the SlideshowTest folder. One of them is the application tmgss.exe.


I double-clicked on tmgss.exe and immediately got an error message.




During the cancel process I also got the following two messages.






I have so far been unable to run the slideshow outside of the TMG slideshow manager. I am running under Windows XP MediaCenter Edition. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Update - I have now tried to create this test slideshow on two separate PCs, one under XP Media and the other under XP home. I then tried exactly the same set of steps using TMG v6 on the same two PCs, and under v6 I was able to execute tmgss.exe and view the test slideshow with no problem whatsoever.



Mike D.

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