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  1. Hi I would really like to see a File Type pertaining to HTML on the Descendant Indented Chart Report Definition Screen as per TMG Gold v4 Descendants Indented Chart Report Definition Screen where there is a File Type in the drop down list for Hypertext Markup Lang (HTML). Kind Regards Roz Voullaire roz@voullaire.com.au http://www.geocities.com/rvoull/
  2. My website is still very much so a work in progress. It provides basic information on a number of my, and my husband’s, family lines and was created with the aim of making contact with fellow researchers. The front page and family introduction pages were written in HTML code in Notepad. The Descendants Indented Charts and Indexes were run from TMG v4.0d Reports in HTML edited in Netscape 4.7 (the last decent version of Netscape! <grin>). Unfortunately the HTML file type option in TMG v5.15 Descendant Indented Chart Report is presently not available. The website can be found at http://www.geocities.com/rvoull/ Surnames include: BAKER, BARRETT, BEACHAM, BROOKFIELD, BRYANT, CANTWELL, CARTY, COFFEY, DUNMO(W), EGAN, FENNER, GALLAGHER, HALLINAN, HANNA, HERON, HIGGINS, HINDSON, HOGAN, HORSEMAN, IRVINE, JACOBSEN, JOHANNSEN, KUHN, LAMPRELL, MARWOOD, MASTERSON, McCONKEY, McCOOEY, MOLLOY, NELSON, O'BRIEN, O'KEEFE, O'KEEFFE, OLERHEAD, PRESTON, RUSSELL, RYAN, SELTZMAN, SHANAHAN, SHEASBY, SHORTER, STEWART, STUTT, TUNBRIDGE, Von MALLESCH, VOULLAIRE and WOOD