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  1. FTM16 to TMG7.04 import: no genders, few locations

    I appreciate the information about the GEDCOM import. I do indeed have the original file, and I should indeed try several GEDCOM export options from FTM16 while I continue to play with the direct import. I'm still finding my way around the TMG program, and looking for guidance in several of those websites you suggested. I'm in no big rush to make that "final import" from FTM16 to TMG, at least not until I'm more comfortable with TMG. For the present, I'm continuing to edit for consistency in FTM (guided by the Master Place List output in TMG, for instance), and add new data in FTM, then export to TMG to test for consistency.
  2. FTM16 to TMG7.04 import: no genders, few locations

    Thanks for the quick reply: an email with my database is on its way.
  3. I'm new to TMG and am experimenting with a small (4-person) FTM16 .ftw or .fbk import to TMG7.04. Using the advanced import wizard to do a direct import, the two children show a sex of "?" in the children window, even though they were properly gendered in FTM. More important, my residence information ends up in the "memo" field (and the memo column is checked) rather than in the "location" fields as expected. In contrast, the birth and death locations are properly classified into location fields and the memo fields are empty, just as I would have expected. Same thing happens with my "education" and "burial" information from FTM, in which I have much "location" information. I've tried adjusting the tag import procedure by ensuring that the "residence", "education", and "burial" tags are set to "Location" rather than to "Comment" or some combination of "location" and "comment", but I can't seem to populate the location fields, just the memo fields, with my FTM "Facts". I don't see that any other FTM importers are having this problem - I wonder if I'm missing a step, or is there just going to be a lot of cleanup (distributing "memo" fragments into their proper "location" fields? My work FTM file has 1600 individuals, many with consistent location information in residence, burial, and even occupation facts. Incidently, exporting to GEDCOM from FTM16, and then GEDCOM into TMG, seemed to work better in terms of populating the location fields and getting the genders correct, but everything I've read suggests that a direct import is better. How can I make my direct import fill the location fields?