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  1. Yes, that's exactly the message I used to get Jim. Now I get the conversion error message. I'll let you know if I find any other pattern but at least know how to fix it now. Thank you. Ann
  2. Hi Jim and Michael, Thanks for your help. Am reporting back. I did as you suggested Jim - and even recreated all of my 11 different journal report formats using the default journal to start with. This didn't stop the errors which seemed to me to be quite random. However, I think I've now worked out what is happening. I'm getting this error dialogue box when I try to recreate and open a journal but already have a previous version (same name etc) open in Word. The reason I didn't pick up on this is that for umpteen years I've had a different error message dialogue box when trying to open a new report that's already been created and is open. I think that message was something like "You can't open this, it is already open, please close" (I can't check the wording because I don't get it any more! Now I get the Conversion error #200 dialogue box.) Thanks Michael for your ideas. I only create reports into the "report output" folder. I do have Dropbox but as far as I know Dropbox isn't synching anything at all. That's my aim anyway. All I want/need Dropbox for is to share documents and photos, and at times I copy various things to it as a backup, eg sqz files, my exhibits, and so on. Ann
  3. Thanks Jim. I've done the maintenance routines. I do Optimise, VFI, Optimise quite often and these errors have continued. But to me it's random so I'll try using the default journal settings next time it happens and will report back. Ann
  4. I have TMGUK Gold 9.05, Word 2010 as part of Office. I’m getting a new error report – apparently randomly – when creating journal reports in Word. The 1st message says “Conversion error #200. Error writing to destination file”. If I click on OK the next message is “The raw isc file has been saved as C:Users\Ann\Documents\The Master Genealogist v9\Logs\error.isc. Please send to Technical Support” Sometimes if I try again to create one of these “problem” reports it succeeds 1st time without the error message. Other times I have to close TMG down. I haven’t had one yet where I can’t ultimately create the report but sometimes it takes quite a while. I can't see any pattern in these errors but am getting many of them now and have never had them before (since TMG 4) Any advice would be appreciated. Regards Ann
  5. Thanks for this Jim. Have been busily cleaning up both drives. And I did try again to open my project after the temp folder was cleaned out but still get the message "an error happened when opening the the data tables ...". I can't expand the dialogue box to see whether anything comes after the "...".
  6. Thanks Jim. Have found it. There are 15,000+ files and 1,000+ folders in it! Have deleted them now. (I thought these files would normally be deleted when defragmenting the drive but will check my settings for that now.) Have also uploaded the Projects folder Ann
  7. Jim, thanks very much for this. It’s very much appreciated. I'll prepare my projects folder now. It does have subfolders - just one for my project and two for sample (?) ... I didn't realise that there were two for sample until yesterday, but will delete them from the copy I prepare. I can’t find the AppData/Temp folder you mention. I have Windows 7 Pro, partitioned into C and D drives. In the C drive under Ann there is CD95F661A5C444F5A6AAECDD91C240B7.TMP but no AppData folder. In the d drive I have Users/Ann/Documents/The Master Genealogist v9 Regards Ann
  8. I can’t open my project in TMG 9.05 UK Gold (Windows 7). I'm a member of the TMG-L message group and it's been suggested there that I join the forum and post here. Here is what happened. Yesterday morning Visual FoxPro stopped working and TMG was automatically closed down. This happens every now and then so I wasn’t concerned. Usually I just reopen TMG, run Optimise, VFI, Optimise and everything seems to run as normal. However, this time is different. Now when I try to open my project I can't. I seem to have two problems and don’t know whether they’re connected: the 1st is that there is a problem with the data tables in my project and the 2nd is that TMG thinks my project is already open, when it most definitely isn’t. Robin Lamacraft has suggested I post here as he thinks this might be a VFP problem, that VPF has locked my project because of an unfinished process perhaps. Basics are that usually TMG Repair mode has been activated. Initially “Last” (my project) was greyed out so I could only open Sample. Now “Last” = Sample. Have tried opening my project from within the Sample Project (both with sample closed or left open). Have also tried Select from the splash screen. TMG goes to the right folder and I click on my PJC file (I only have two files – Sample and mine – but with 80,000+ in mine.) Then I get a message that indexes and name values are being created. Click OK when it appears. Then one of two things happens a) Message is “project is in use elsewhere. Please select another project”. But I have nothing else at all open. Have done this multiple times, closed absolutely everything down before trying to open my project, and checked Windows Task Manager which shows nothing except one instance of TMG. OR I get a message that an error happened when opening the data tables. Click OK. Nothing opens and I just get a blank TMG screen, or sometimes TMG just closes down. I *think* this message comes when I try to Select the project from the Windows splash screen, rather than when I try to open it from within the Sample Project, but am not 100% sure Things I’ve tried so far with no success: *Rebooted my computer (not just a restart) x 3 *Copied my project file to another folder then tried to open that (Lee’s suggestion as the copy should close everything down) *Deleted CDX files from my project folder *Disabled my anti-virus (Kaspersky) I’d be very grateful for any advice or help at all. (Am in the midst of a major project creating a book, a large journal for Second Site DVD and planning a reunion and about to go overseas so this is a big set-back. I do have a back-up but would lose 15 or so hours of intensive work if I have to restore it, and importantly am not 100% sure that I should try to restore when I don't know what's going wrong.) Regards and thanks Ann