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    Family, Genealogy (use TMG), Roller Coasters (member of American Coaster Enthusiasts), Ocean, traveling (especially for family records); Politics, Fun!!
  1. Search for people by location

    I have a lot of trouble understanding the filters - Thanks, Janis, for posting that "Favorte Filters" link.
  2. TMG Install with windows 7

    I am using TMG 7.04 - got a new computer with Vista & MSWord 7 this past summer. I am sitting down do some geneology and tried to print a Journal and got "Conversion Error #20 - Unknown Error" message. Is there something I can do to fix this?
  3. How do you do a "global search"?

    I would like to also search "memo's" for a fact that I would have entered. There MUST BE A WAY!! Toni
  4. I need to search throughout my project for specific things like address, town, keyword, etc. in order to find a person. Sometime I remember a fact about someone, but can't remember who it is - how do you preform a global search through the project to find what I what found? Any help is appreciated. Toni