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Questions about importing from FTM 8.0

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Our family associations genealogist, Delores, wants to import her personal data files into TMG.

She has an old FTM 8.0 install disc, not installed right now, a backup created under that version, and a FTM 2006 disc which is also not installed.

She is also in possession of a gedcom, given to her by another researcher that has 3559 people in it.

Since I have never done an import, or even used FTM before, I am wondering if you folks can advise me on the best way to do this for her.


My initial thoughts are to just import the FTM 8.0 backup using GenBridge and have it create a new project.

I regularly restore the most current backup of the associations database I have here onto her computer. I do not want those people in this database. DNA testing has shown that there is no connection between the Goodrich and Goodrick lines.

I was then thinking of importing that gedcom into the same project but into a different dataset.

She could then see about resolving any issues with duplicate people. I am sure there will probably be some.


Will TMG import a FTM 8.0 backup halfway decently? Or should I have her install FTM 2006, upgrade her files, the generate a 2006 version backup?

I believe I just need to play with this to get a better feel, but I thought maybe someone could warn me about any major "gotcha's" before I start down this road.


BTW, just for clarafication, I use VNC to remote into her computer and do this stuff for her since she is 1000 miles from me.

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FTM v8 should import. Use the Advanced Import Wizard so that you can specify on Step 5 how the comment/location imports if that applies (can't remember how FTM 8 works). For example, you want birth as location and occupation as comment, etc.


You also want to use the Advanced Import Wizard with the GEDCOM import so that you can create custom tag types for custom, unspecified and Event Misc GEDCOM tags.

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