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Wholly Genes Newsletter, 13 August 2005, Issue 2005-9

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Wholly Genes Newsletter

13 August 2005

Issue 2005, Number 9


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o TMG v6.02 is now available

o VHS training video clearance sale

o GEDStar new low price

o New Tech Support staff

o Supporting John Cardinal

o Arizona TMG Conference

o TMG Companion Products

o Wholly Genes online chat

o How to reach us



=== TMG v6.02 is now available ===================


The Master Genealogist v6.02.000 is now available. This free update includes a collection of bug fixes and a few new features as follows:



o Many prompts and warnings can now be disabled from the prompt without the need to go to Preferences.

o The font size for prompts and warnings can now be adjusted on the Other tab in Preferences. The default size is 8 points.

o A right-click menu has been added to the Tag Entry citations window that will add or remove exclusion marks to citations without opening the Citation screen, and without adding the citation to the repeat list.

o The Preferences settings for List and Project Explorer fonts and font sizes are now all stored in the layout files. After installing v6.02.000, you need to resave (overwrite) your layouts to add the font settings to the layout files.

o The memo seen on the Data Set Manager screen is now read-only. To edit the data set memo, click the [Edit] button.

o Memo fields with formatting options now have two new right-click menu options.

1) 'Show no codes' expands the memo to a read-only window showing no formatting or formatting codes.

2) 'Show formatting codes' reveals all formatting codes and lets you find any case of unbalanced codes. 'Apply formatting codes' returns the memo display to the normal state of showing any formatting that has been applied.



o Changing flags whether directly or by using the List of People or List of Events reports took an excessive amount of time.

o After project merge, the event tags didn't display in the data set that had just been merged into the target project until you close and reopen the project.

o When merging two persons with the language set to German, with the split screen display, the labels for the Father-bio and Mother-bio were not translated.

o The text on the Data Set Merge screen was revised.

o Data set merge could result in two primary source types.

o The status bar didn't align correctly when using Normal display fonts.

o Ctrl+S and the Spell Checker option on the Edit menu did not work in Memos.

o The CTRL+F12 shortcut to open the Exhibit Log did not work from the Tag Entry memo field.

o There was a painting issue in the memo field when the tag Entry screen was maximized and then restored down.

o In HTML output, the apostrophe character (" ' ") occurring in text was being translated to "'".

o Research Log. When you selected a task, the subject line on the right was not correctly reflecting the focus of the task.

o The position of the cursor after inserting a TAB in a memo was incorrect.

o Formatting corrections were made to the Electronically Published Paper (Previously Published in Hard Copy) and Electronic File (Listserve Message) source types.

o Generations import. Blank Birth, Death and Burial tags were being created.

o GEDCOM import. In some cases, the primary surname was not being correctly inferred for names with only a given name.

o UFT import. Some adjustments were made in custom name tags and their translations.

o When switching to a new project and immediately opening the Expanded Picklist, the Picklist would disappear leaving the program menus disabled.

o The Backup Customizations filename contained Tmg5 rather than Tmg6.

o The program couldn't be closed from the minimized state when there was a save layout or backup project prompt pending.

o Accent. Accents based on "Is not an Ancestor" or "Descendant of ID #" didn't work.

o DNA Log. Fixed several navigation issues.

o DNA Fingerprints. Made some field length adjustments.

o It is no longer possible to reorder exhibits in an locked data set.

o Items retrieved using F2 were not being added to the F3 repeat list.

o When adding a citation using the F3 repeat key, you had to press F3 twice.

o Double-clicking or selecting [View] on the a DNA Fingerprint brought up the last DNA Fingerprint that was being edited.

o If a tag had its type changed using the Tag Entry screen, the roles of witnesses remained even if the roles did not exist in the new tag type.

o Under specific circumstances, witnesses from a previous edit were duplicated or added to a new tag without user input.

o Add Person Screen

- Adjustments to the screen column widths were not saved.

- Blank lines appeared on the screen after modifying the template.

- Place date ranges were ignored and appropriate warnings didn't occur.

- If you add a husband or wife and fail to enter a surety for the

Marriage tag, you did not get a prompt for sureties when you saved.

o The "last viewed spouse" logic as applied in the Children and Siblings windows failed when the current "last viewed" spouse was edited and was no longer a spouse of that person.

o If you sort the roles in a tag type such that custom roles appear before the default Principal role, the display of sentences for principals was in some cases incorrect.

o Name-Marr tag. When a married name was created, name parts from the female's primary name were being incorrectly added.

o Could not create Husb-Can tag type.

o Tag Entry. Adjustments were made to the double-click speed used to open a citation.

o Adding a non-primary father tag hid the existing primary father tag.

o Edits were lost when the memo field was edited after being expanded with F7.

o Exhibit Log. The view sorts by Caption or Description were reversed.

o A problem in the handling of female sentences was corrected.

o When you add a Son/Daughter/child tag, then use the Quick Add button to enter that child, the system will no longer ask you to identify the other parent.

o When you used the Tag Type button on the Tag Entry Screen of a Name Tag, the sentence became corrupted, by the additon of the terms [R=Principal] and/or [R=Witness].

o Tag Type List. The display of the GEDCOM export tag for name tag types was cleaned up.

o The leading zeroes date option for the Ahnentafel, Ahnentafel - Direct Line, Descendant Indented Chart, Descendant Indented Narrative, and Journal reports didn't work.

o There was a problem with the List of Events output when the output contained the P1, the report was run, an event was edited and the P1 and P2 switched, and the LOE was run a second time.

o Fixed some problems using the Picklist from the report filter fill-in-the-blank screen.

o List of Citations report. The sureties option is now not selected by default when in Beginners mode.

o The 'Use place styles' option was not being used in the Family Group Sheet or Individual Detail reports.

o The Family Group Sheet and Individual Detail reports did not respect the style and insert a comma before the postal data.

o The List of People report 'Witnessed' filters were not giving correct returns for witnessed events.

o Narrative reports were missing a comma when split Detail fields were used.

o When creating a new VCF chart configuration, the preposition could reset to default.

o List of Events report. The flag column in the output was not showing the correct (P1) flag value.

o List of People report. Filter for custom Birth-Est tag gave incorrect returns.


This free v6.02.000 update requires a previous installation of v6.00.000 or later. (Users with a prior version must first apply the update to v6.00.000). To download and apply the update, run TMG, access the Help menu and choose "Check for an update." Alternatively, you can choose "Check for a Program Update" from the Windows Start menu > The Master Genealogist group. The update will be applied automatically. Upon restarting, the startup screen will reflect a version number of "v6.02.000."


=== VHS training video clearance sale ============


30% off!


Due to the overwhelming popularity of the DVD format, The Studio, the manufacturer of the TMG training videos, will no longer be producing them in VHS format (i.e., for a VCR). When existing inventories of the VHS format are gone, these popular training videos will only be available on DVD.


The Wholly Genes web store has _very_ limited supplies of the "Getting Started" and "Intermediate" TMG training videos in VHS format. ("Advanced" and "Expert" are not available in VHS format).


To make room for more DVDs, those remaining VHS tapes are now offered for just $10.95 each plus shipping/handling. That's more than 30% off the regular price of $15.95.


Please use the following special links to get one of the few remaining copies of these products in VHS format:


Video Training for TMG - Getting Started:

Teaches the new user of The Master Genealogist about basic concepts, including the main display elements, navigation, creating a new project, simple data entry, accents, searching for people, and simple reports.



Video Training for TMG - Intermediate:

Introduces the intermediate user to a variety of concepts and features, including custom screen layouts, the Image window, the Project Explorer, Focus Groups, filtering, timelines, the multimedia (exhibit) log, the Research Log, Advanced Data Entry mode, and report options.



(Note that your local dealer may have their own limited supplies of the Getting Started, Intermediate, or Advanced training videos in VHS format.)



=== GEDStar new low price ========================


GHCS Software has announced a new low price for its popular PalmOS companion for TMG.


GedStar Pro reads data directly from TMG so that you can carry it with you in your PalmOS handheld device. It supports virtually all types of TMG data, including multiple names, events, memos, sources, and repositories. It also has a major advantage over any GEDCOM-based product in that it can process data that is not part of the GEDCOM standard, such as the very useful Research Log "to-do list" feature of TMG.


The new price for GedStar Pro is just $24.95. For more information, screen shots, upgrades, or to purchase the program, please visit:




=== New Tech Support staff =======================


The last edition of this newsletter noted that Wholly Genes had a position available in our Technical Support department. Like you, we really don't like talking to software "support" people who are just computer geeks with little understanding of the subject matter. That's why Wholly Genes always tries to find support staff who have a strong interest in family history -- and usually from within the TMG community.


On that score, we couldn't have done better than Phil DeSilva. Phil has been a family researcher for more than 30 years, nearly half of which was with TMG. He was a "sysop" (system operator) on the CompuServe genealogy community in the early 90s where the blueprint for TMG/DOS was original designed and evolved through many versions. Phil was an active beta tester on those very early versions of TMG so he understands its fundamental principles and he has an insider's understanding of its evolution.


We're thrilled to welcome Phil to Wholly Genes and we're sure that you'll find him to be a valuable addition to our support team. You can find him at the company headquarters (x130) and phild@whollygenes.com.



=== Supporting John Cardinal =====================


Within the TMG community, John Cardinal wears many hats. He is the author a suite of popular add-on tools called "TMG Utility" and other free TMG companion programs, "On This Day" and "Mocakebi." He is the developer of an equally-popular and inexpensive tool called "Second Site" which creates elaborate web sites directly from your TMG data. John is also a TMG beta tester and a frequent contributor to TMG-L and other online forums where he volunteers his time to help other TMG users.


Each year about this time we take note of the fact that John's "TMG Utility" is technically "donorware." That means that, while he does not charge for the software or its many free updates, he invites those who benefit from those tools to make a voluntary contribution in his name to the Jimmy Fund of the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.


Each donation supports the participation by John, his wife, and daughter in the "Pan-Mass Challenge," a two-day, 192 mile bike ride, through which each rider hopes to raise $2,750 for cancer research.


If you appreciate all that John does for the TMG community or if someone in your life has been stricken with cancer, we hope you'll make a modest contribution to the Jimmy Fund. John's web site suggests a donation of $15 to $25 but a contribution of ANY size is sincerely appreciated -- and is a small price to pay for all that John does for us all.


This year, our company contribution is dedicated to Bob's dad, Fritz Velke, who is struggling with prostate cancer.


John's web site makes it easy to make a secure online donation with a credit card.




=== Arizona TMG Conference =======================


The Fourth Annual Arizona TMG Workshop is scheduled for Saturday and Sunday, October 8-9, 2005 at the Holiday Inn in Mesa, Arizona.


This two-day event features hands-on TMG instruction (beginner, intermediate, advanced, and expert) by Bob Velke, President of Wholly Genes Software whose presentations are largely driven by the questions of the attendees -- so they are different each year. The event is sponsored by the Sun Country TMG Users Group.


Seating is limited to 150 participants and previous workshops have filled fast. The fee is just $25 per day (less for members of the Sun Country or Tucson TMG Users Groups) and does not include lunch. Bring your laptop or share with a friend.


Registration forms and more information can be found on the Sun Country TMG Users Group web site at:



We hope to see you there!



=== TMG Companion Products ======================


Don't miss these helpful products that are specifically designed for TMG users like you:


"Getting the Most Out of The Master Genealogist"

The popular book compiled by Lee Hoffman.

See http://www.WhollyGenes.com/gettingthemost.htm


Video training for TMG on DVD

Getting Started, Intermediate, or Advanced.

See http://www.WhollyGenes.com/videotapes.htm


Second Site

Web site construction tools for your TMG data.

See http://www.WhollyGenes.com/secondsite.htm

Latest version=1.8 Build 7


Pocket Genealogist

The TMG companion program for Windows CE handheld users.

See http://www.WhollyGenes.com/pocketgen.htm

Latest version=2.95


GedStar PRO

The TMG companion program for PalmOS users.

See http://www.WhollyGenes.com/gedstarpro.htm

Latest version=2.1



The research advisor that reads your TMG data directly.

See http://www.WhollyGenes.com/gensmarts.htm

Latest version=


Chartform Delivery

An inexpensive chart printing service

See http://www.WhollyGenes.com/wallcharts.htm


For the full list of companion products, please visit the Wholly Genes Community forum (http://www.WhollyGenes.com/forums.htm) and click on "Companion Products."


The Wholly Genes web store also offers among the lowest prices you'll find for standard research works such as "Evidence! Citation & Analysis for the Family Historian" (Elizabeth Shown Mills), "Producing a Quality Family History" (Patricia Law Hatcher), "The BCG Genealogical Standards Manual" (Board for Certification of Genealogists), and others. For the full selection, please visit:




=== Wholly Genes online chat =====================


The next online chat with Wholly Genes will be on Saturday, 27 August 2005, at 2pm EDT and again at 11pm Eastern Time. Don't miss this opportunity to "talk" online with Wholly Genes representatives, as well as with other TMG users around the world.


Remember that the Wholly Genes chat room is available to you at any time. Just go to http://www.WhollyGenes.com and click on Chat in the menu. When you see the security warning, click on or . Then be patient because it could take 30 seconds or more (especially on a dial-up connection) to load the necessary chat tools. When prompted, simply enter a chat nickname and then click on Connect. That's all there is to it. We hope to see you there!



==== How to reach us =============================


For tech support, please access the Wholly Genes Community message board at:


or write to: support@whollygenes.com


Please be sure to note what version of the program you are using.


You can also reach us at:


Wholly Genes Software

5144 Flowertuft Court

Columbia, Maryland 21044


410-379-5424 (fax)


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