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  1. I got a "string too long message" a couple days after upgrading. Selected ignore and it opened fine. Closed up then went to my exe file and ran that and selected repair. I had to reenter my Serial # and everything appears normal again. Now I need to find the post that tells us how to get it to always open in Administrator mode without getting that message every time.

  2. I have the Report I want still clean in version 8. How can I get that into version 9. Can I just copy a specific file from the v.8 folder to the v.9 folder?


    I cleared one of my saved reports back to default and want to make sure I get it back cleanly. My last backup was 3 days ago before a reunion so I don't want to just restore that. I have a report configuration called Reunions. I made a couple changes to fit inside a 2' page for the reunion Saturday but didn't save it as part of the configuration. When I went to call that report today I wanted to clear those temporary changes and mistakenly clicked the Reset Defaults button thinking it would put it back to my saved settings. Nope, that clears it back to the Descendant Chart defaults.



  3. I understand why. If you have a full load of pictures & documents for a wedding all attached to the marriage tag you wouldn't want all those to show up in the Exhibit Log for everyone. What I run into though is pictures for a family reunion. I attach them all to the event and in that case I would want them all to show up for the attendees.

  4. I've got a chart I run for a few families and would like the title to reflect the Husband & Wife. Right now I use [?] and type in ,William & Rose Eisenhauer, or whoever else heads the chart. If I used [P] (or was that [F]) I would get William Eisenhauer. Is there on reports a code like [PAR] will get you parents except be husband & wife?


    2nd question:

    [RF:Subject] appeared in a photograph <[D]>< [L]> gets me "Lonnie appeared in a photograph on 24 Dec 2012." on the primary person & "Lonnie, Marilyn, Mark, Bill, Julie and Kathy appeared in a photograph on 24 Dec 2012." on the witnesses. The role for all of them is Subject. Can I set it so each person just has their name or everyone's sentence has everyone's name?

  5. How does everyone deal with ongoing dates? I have someone who started work in 1996 and is still working in 2010 and will probably continue. So my problem becomes how to display that. From 1996 to 2010 seams like it creates a stop in 2010. between 1996 and 2010 doesn't sound right either.

  6. I recently started scanning pictures & posting existing pictures to my geni.com site. After about 5 dozen I realized my naming convention wouldn't be a lot of help if I needed to find something. Now I like my naming convention. [date]-[event]-[principles] & I plan to keep it. But even with tagging stuff I foresee problems.

    So now my attempts to make every picture a source. And I will need a tag for pics that aren't already part of something like a wedding. I kinda gave up trying sometime in September. Anyone have examples of how they handle pics I could template from?

    I'll start with what I already have in TMG & what I was working up to until I gave up.



    OK I looks like I gave up without altering anything. I did type up what was in Evidence Explained. I must have gotten frustrated trying to figure out how to enter everything in.





    past tense: Img-Newspaper, abbreviation: img., History group

    Witness: [WO] had their picture in the paper [D] <[M]>

    this is an old sentence. I haven't used it much but it was useful before I had a scanner so I could track that I had pictures of people who I wouldn't otherwise be able to recognize.


    I think what I was objecting to most was [sUBJECT] being given prominence in all the source types. I've tried to keep a habit of using ID #'s in the subject field to link people to the source. But for this I would need to mostly abandon that. And what do you put in for a subject for group photo's? Will some be names and others events?

    Any thoughts on using the memo field to list the ages of participants? I plan on doing this somehow. It will come in handy for pictures of kids growing up. Having 'age 5 months' on a picture narrows down a date but I think it would be nice to be able to search for pictures of a group of people using a common note like that and so pull baby pics of everyone I can at any specific age without going to each person I want to look at and seeing if there is a pic when each individual was around that age.


    TMG will be how I track digital family images. I'm still trying to decide how to cleanly keep them stored IRL. Currently I have scrapbooks, loose photos, pictures in files, a couple hanging on the wall, & I don't know why I put it in that drawer.


    Any help appreciated. Especially if you have examples online I can look at.