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  2. Missing tag abbreviations

    I can check your T-table but I now don't think that is the issue. However, a damaged tag type record can cause edits not sticking. However something appears to be damaging the table on the fly. You would need to send the _t.dbf and _t.fpt files. You can contact me by email by clicking on the link below... Jim Byram
  3. Missing tag abbreviations

    That was next on my list of things to try, but right now, I'm not experimenting without expert advice. :-) No, it didn't work.
  4. Missing tag abbreviations

    Let's see if there is an issue with the installation. Run the TMG v9.05 installer and select [Repair].
  5. Missing tag abbreviations

    No, I'm not using any real-time backup, etc. on my project folders. I've been checking out my travel/webinar computer, which also has TMG, to see if it has the same problem. It's database is a 9/19 backup. The abbreviations are there, and edits to English (U.S.) are accepted. Whatever happened to TMG on my work computer happened some time between 9/19 and two days ago. Is there anything from TMG on my laptop that I could use to fix my desktop?
  6. Missing tag abbreviations

    You are not using any sort of cloud sync or real-time backup on your project folder, are you?
  7. Missing tag abbreviations

    Replacing the strings* files didn't help. The abbreviations are still missing and edits still don't "stick." How do I check the tag types data table?
  8. Missing tag abbreviations

    I have the file, Michael. Thank you. I also have two other strings* files: strings.bak and strings.tbk. Should I delete those, or are they reconstructed when TMG is open/closed or does some other magic thing?
  9. Missing tag abbreviations

    Susan, I loaded Jim's zip file on my web site. Try: https://www.mjh-nm.net/language_files.zip It should ask if you want to save it to your computer. Let me know if you are able to download from there and I will then delete it. Michael
  10. Perhaps I wasn't clear on this request, and my apologies for that. My records have nothing to do with DNA, but are the result of finding my ancestors the traditional way. Doris, on your suggestion I did generate a descendant indented chart on an ancestor that I know is related through multiple connections and did find my maternal grandfather in three places in that MS Word report, connected by three different ancestors. But both my mother and I were listed under him only once. I did not limit the number of generations, so I would think that I would be below my grandfather in that chart in each case. (I had run that report in the past and had looked only for replications of my name, with no success.) If someone has an explanation for this, please let me know. I will investigate it otherwise.
  11. Missing tag abbreviations

    Thank you for your reply, Jim. I can't copy the language_files.zip. I get, "The page you are trying to access is not available for your account."
  12. Dave, a Descendant Report will show all the descendants of a particular ancestor. If you're looking to find all DNA matches to one or more relatives you have identified as DNA relatives to this Native ancestor, you might try RootsFinder, a remarkable genealogy program with amazing DNA features. Check it out.
  13. Missing tag abbreviations

    I'd suggest that you need to revert to the default language files and see if that corrects the problem. The default v9.05 files are attached. Open the C:\ProgramData\The Master Genealogist v9 folder. Copy your three modified strings.* files somewhere to preserve then. Then unzip the attached .ZIP file into the C:\ProgramData\The Master Genealogist v9 folder overwriting the modified files. See if this corrects the missing abbreviations. If this doesn't work, then I would suspect some damage to the tag types data table. language_files.zip
  14. If autosomal DNA were passed by splitting in half from each ancestor, you could make such a calculation. But, because of DNA recombination, it isn't so an attempt at such calculations is meaningless. You can't say, having a 12th generation Mi'kmaq g-grandmother who is related through a single line, that you are 1/2048 Indian. Autosomal DNA isn't passed down over the generations like that. What can be determined is whether or not you have "markers" indicative of Native American ancestry and an estimate can be made for approximately how many generations back the person from whom you inherited the DNA lived (and that is assuming that there is only one such ancestor). How much DNA you have is not precisely related to the number of generations. And if there is more than one ancestor (including unknown ancestors), things get much more complicated.
  15. The ongoing controversy about a prominent American claiming to be a Native American and revelations through a recent private DNA test that she might be 1/64 to 1/1024 American Indian reignited my interest in doing some research on just what my Native American makeup is. My mother's side is mostly French Acadian and I have accurate records dating back to the early 1600s in Acadia. I quickly found my five Mi'kmaq Indian g-grandmothers and determined that I am 9/2048 Indian on my mother's side. But the problem is that this number comes from a single run from my mother up the tree to each g-grandmother, and she is related to many of the same Acadian ancestors through more than one connection. My question is whether TMG has support to easily find multiple connections to a single ancestor. For example, if a certain 12th generation Mi'kmaq g-grandmother is related through a single line, then I am 1/2048 Indian through that single line. But if another line also finds this same ancestor 12th generation up, the fraction now becomes 1/1024. Any ideas about how to get to this information quickly and easily? It doesn't appear that any of the TMG report formats support this. Are there any outside programs that I could, for example, dump a GEDCOM file into and get to this? Thanks, Dave
  16. I tried to run a quick pedigree chart yesterday and discovered that the b., m., d., bur. labels were not printing. Michael Hannah correctly pointed out that this report takes those labels from the General tab on the Tag Type definition screen, and those abbreviations were missing from my English (U.S.) screen. I tried editing this, but the edit didn't "take". The abbreviation disappeared when I closed the Tag Type definition screen. I went through my backups, restoring them to a different project folder, and found one with the abbreviations intact from three days ago. I exported those b., m., d., bur. tags and then decided to experiment a little with the test database. I opened one of those tag type definitions and inspected the sentences for each language, closed the screen, and the abbreviation for English (U.S.) had disappeared! I re-imported those tag type definitions, telling the import to overwrite, and that one tag type was imported, with its abbreviation. The abbreviation again disappeared when I opened the Tag Type definition screen and closed it. Other than using my Enlish2 language for these chart reports, I have no idea how to fix this. The only thing I can think of that might have caused this is that I created an experimental custom language. The abbreviations are in the Tag Type definition in the backup before I created that language. However, the strange behavior when editing those b., m., d., bur. abbreviations happens with that backup. What should I do to fix this? (TMG 9.05, Windows 7)
  17. question about witnesses

    It is confusing, David. Glad I was able to help.
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  19. question about witnesses

    Michael, I had to read it a few times; but then just modified the report and added the "witness role" per your guidance. after that, it clicked. thank you very much! David
  20. question about witnesses

    Hi David, Your confusion is common. The term "Witness" has multiple very different uses in TMG which is the cause of the confusion: First, there are all the people who are linked to a tag whether by the two boxes at the top left or by using the Add Witness area in the lower right on the Tag Entry window. In many cases TMG considers all of these linked people using the collective term "witnesses" to the tag. There will be one or two of these "people/witnesses" to the tag linked by using the two boxes at the top left. These linked people are also called principals, and by default are assigned the role "Principal" but may be assigned some other role. Any people/witnesses linked by using the Add Witness area in the lower right are usually what most people think of as the (only) witnesses to the tag. These linked people by default are assigned the role "Witness" but may be assigned some other role. Your confusion occurs with the "List of Witnesses" report. This report uses the first meaning above, namely all of the people linked to a tag are witnesses. I suggest thinking of this report as a "List of Linked People" report. So a person will be included in this report however they may be linked to the tag, and by whatever role. I suggest your report would be more understandable if you added an additional column. After "witid" and before "tagtype" include the column type "Witness Role". You will see that a person/witness listed may have the role "Principal" in one tag and "Witness" in another, etc. Thus they may be P1 or even P2 in that tag. You could Filter the report by the condition Role does not begin with the text "Principal", but the report would still include people linked as a principal with some other role. Hope this helps explain what you are seeing, Michael
  21. hello, I have a question about witnesses. I'm guessing it'd due to a misunderstanding on my part about how witnesses work. I've attached 2 files. TMG_detail.jpg = shows a CEN-ENUM event with Clark Suggs as principal and John Sellers Suggs as witness. TMG_spreadsheet.jpg = shows a witness report. the orange highlighted line reflects the CEN-ENUM event represented in the other file. in the spreadsheet it shows Clark Suggs as both the witness and the principal. why is the report not accurately reflecting what I see in the program GUI?? thank you, david
  22. Missing Exhibits

    Bob, You mention that the exhibits were not found during a backup. Are you really including your "several thousand" image exhibits within the TMG backup? Almost everyone will encourage you to have your image exhibits at "external" exhibits, and to NOT include them within the TMG backup. These are much better handled by separately backing up the exhibits folder using some Windows backup facility. Michael
  23. Cannot add new tag or person

    First, Mike, you need to understand the term "your site" is not really correct. WhollyGenes discontinued its support for TMG on July 29, 2014. The only people responding on this list are users like Jim and I who are trying to continue to help other users as best we can. As for a virus on the site, while that may be the case downloads have just been done by others as a test without an issue. So it seems more likely your own computer has an issue. WebDiscover Browser is definately considered to be malware by many people. What may be the case is that some action has hijacked your computer's download process and will try to (also) download WebDiscover every time you try to download anything else. A quick Google search for "WebDiscover Browser" noted many sites with various instructions on how to try to remove this. Sorry you are having problems. Good luck, Michael
  24. Missing Exhibits

    Bob, You have two options to check for missing exhibits... 1) Run Validate File Integrity using the external exhibits feature and check the Last VFI.log in the folder with the project. 2) Use TMG Utility. Exhibits / Verify Exhibit Paths http://www.johncardinal.com/tmgutil/ Jim
  25. Missing Exhibits

    Hi I have several thousand exhibits in my TMG database When I do a backup I find that 12 exhibits can not be found When I study the log I see that this refers to only 2 unique exhibits which have multiple references - (Census images) Is there any way in which I can ascertain which individuals have these missing images ? Bob Matthews Dunedin New Zealand
  26. Cannot add new tag or person

    Mike, I'm stuck on ideas about the ADD menu issue. Your installation is unlocked, right? You didn't say. I wrote Bob about the security issue regarding his server. Jim Update... I tested the TMG9 installer download and found no issues. Michael suggested that the security issue could be on your system. Have you carefully scanned your system for viruses and malware?
  27. Cannot add new tag or person

    Jim, I uninstalled and reinstalled as directed, the ADD option in the main menu is still off. Additionally there may be a virus on your site. When I downloaded the TMG file, I received an automatic download of the 'Web Discover Browser' and additional content, that took me awhile to navigate it to closed, and then to remove it. Thank you for all your patience and assistance. Mike
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