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  3. Locked out serial number not working

    It may take a while. Remember, the TMG business is closed and there are no support people there anymore. At last report, another employee occasionally looks at serial number requests.
  4. Locked out serial number not working

    How long does it take for support to answer?
  5. A discussion list for users of John Cardinal's program GedSite which produces web pages from GEDCOM files and from TMG data. Click here to subscribe or unsubscribe to GS-L or to search the archives.
  6. deleting multiple sources

    thanks Jim...I will give it a try.
  7. Locked out serial number not working

    Your registration information must be correct. It consists of your first name, last name, email address and registration code exactly as received in the registration email that you received from Wholly Genes. If you need your registration information, please write support@whollygenes.com. You need to enter your registration information two ways. 1) Enter the data when running normally as a Standard User. 2) Enter the data running as administrator. Right-click on the TMG shortcut and select 'Run as administrator'. Enter your registration information and then exit TMG after unlocking.
  8. Hi, I have not tried to use TMG 9.05 in a while. I have some new data to add, but am in Read Only mode again. The serial number is not working. I no longer have an email that has the number, but tried to copy it correctly after entering and exiting multiple times. Your help will be greatly appreciated.
  9. deleting multiple sources

    The reason that sources can only be deleted one at a time is to prevent a source from being deleted that is linked to one or more citations. If that's the case, you get a warning when trying to delete the source. There is a way to get rid of unlinked sources. Use the List of People, select all people in the project, and set the Options / Secondary Output to create a new project. Only sources linked to people in the current project who are being copied will be copied to the new project. It won't take long to go through each of your new separate projects to do this.
  10. does anyone know of a quick way to delete multiple sources at one time? I have separated my families into their own projects and when I imported all of my info into TMG9 all of the source dbs were put in each of my families projects. So in order to clean up the source listings I need to "expunge" many sources from each of my projects. thanks
  11. Report Screen Preview not working

    The screen preview does generate a .RTF file in the temp folder. That's what you are looking at when you see the preview. Run the installer again and select [Repair] and see if that resolves the issue.
  12. After installing TMG 9.05 on a new computer, whenever I try to do a report and have the Report Destination set to Screen Preview, I don't get the report on the screen at all, but instead get a popup to tell me it exported it to an rtf file, in a folder under my AppData\Local\Temp folder. Has anyone else experiences this and now how to fix it? I can't find a setting that changes all screen previews to a file and I have the report output preference to be in a folder under the main TMG folder in My Documents and don't know what else to check. Is there some other setting I missed after the reinstallation? Thanks, Lynn
  13. Opening old .sqz files

    Alison, You should try the steps that Sandy used in the third post above yours (except for Support since that's not an option). I don't recall FTM using a backup with a .SQZ extension and .SQZ is not listed as an import option in the current FTM17. I can try UFT if you send me the file. You can contact me by email by clicking on the link below... Jim Byram
  14. Opening old .sqz files

    I've encountered the same problem with an old sqz file. It has a LOT of data on it. Did you find a solution? I"m pretty sure mine was made with Family Tree Maker. I know it was done in 1998.
  15. Password Reset

    Dale, Moved the topic to the Site Issues forum where it belongs. And sent an email to Bob with a link to your topic. Jim
  16. Password Reset

    My logon for DJSAVELL has been updated. I changed my e-mail from dsavell@juno.com (no longer exists) to djsavell@bellsouth.net. Then I changed my password. It came up with a screen saying it had sent me an e-mail to djsavell@bellsouth.net. I've been hitting Resend for a week now with no results. I wrote a couple notes on the Contact Us explaining my dilemma of not being able to login. No answer. So I just created a new account using my phone e-mail which I never use. Any chance of getting my old account re-activated? Thanks Dale Savell Aiken, SC
  17. Be aware that if you have installed free updates after you installed from the original disk that re-installing from the disk is likely to leave you unable to open your Project (depending on which version is on the disk and which version you last used). The formats of files used to store your Project information were changed with some updates. It is always better to be sure your installer is the last update of the TMG version you are using, which may require downloading that installer.
  18. Picklist Sorting

    Great suggestions Jim! Thanks! Maybe with that I can yet still salvage a small amount of productivity this weekend!
  19. Picklist Sorting

    Randy, If you are not using the 'custom' name style, simply delete it and those names will revert to using the default name style. That gets them all done in one step. Also make sure that the correct name style is set for the data set in the Data Set Manager. After that, I would run Validate File Integrity and use the name sorting option once again. im
  20. Picklist Sorting

    Well, after hours of further study of my set up and my data, I finally think I may have found what's causing my problem! It seems, I AM in fact using a customized "Name Style" that is not properly set up as my default name style template after all! John and Jim's assumption about that being the problem was correct! The problem was that in all my earlier analysis, the problem eluded my detection for a very subtle reason. Every time I reviewed my default name template setup (in DataSet Manager), I saw "U.S.Standard Name". What I failed to catch was that it wasn't "U.S. Standard Name"! The difference being the missing space character between "U.S." and "Standard" ! I just kept looking at it and thinking I'm using the U.S. Standard Name style! And, In this altered name style, the surname sort template and surname display template both are different from the standard template in that they read .... [SortSurname] [PreSurname], [GivenName] ... (with a space character between the SortSurname and Presurname values)! That's how the trailing space after the surname is being introduced! The only thing I don't understand is how this template got introduced as the default about 2 years back, as I have no memory of playing with the Name style. My only guess is that having been a TMG user since way back (version 3 or 4), I may have at one time, very long ago, experimented with alternate name styles and forgotten all about it. And then maybe 2 years ago I accidently re-activated it, not realizing it wasn't the TRUE standard name style. In the past 10-12 years I've been smart enough to encode every one of my new customized templates, styles, event tags, etc. with my initials after them, so I KNOW they are customized by me, but way back I was not that smart! I guess my only word of advice for djsavell is to go back and carefully check your default name style set-up too! I'm not sure yet exactly how I'm going to fix all my bad entries (maybe about 300 people), but I'm hoping that it's just a matter of restoring the proper standard style as default and then manually "re-editing" each of the names. Does anybody know if just opening the Name Tag entry window and then closing it again by immediately clicking "OK" is sufficient to invoke the correct name style template? Or do I actually have to make a text string change, which implies 2 opens of the Name tag window (one time to add a temporary character, and a second time to remove the temporary character)? I guess I'll find out. Either way, I guess it's not going to be my most productive weekend! [UPDATE: Never mind, I see I can correct the name style right in the Name Tag window] In any case, thanks guys for all the great assistance! --Randy
  21. Picklist Sorting

    Send me a backup with your project files only so that I can examine the name table and style table. You can contact me by email by clicking on the link below... Jim Byram
  22. Thanks for your suggestions Jim. I am still not sure what the problem was with the archiver. I have got it all working now by reoving all the exhibits involved from TMG - then renaming and saving them in Photoshop and will now put the links back into TMG and cross the fingers. Will let you know how I go. Thanks again. john
  23. If all else fails, save a copy of all your data (separate area) then do a backup of the whole programe, then reload your original copy (disc) on to the same area on your computer. This will overwrite the current files, its a check to see if any of your files are corrupted.
  24. Backup Error

    I do appreciate your comments and you make some valid suggestions. However, in my own case I am still recovering from a HDD failure in Nov 2017. Part of what saved my bacon was a combined backup that included both exhibits and all other TMG details and database. As a result of finding that single copy that had backed up to a free account on Amazon I was able to recover approximately 90% of my exhibits and all but the last 3 months of my database changes. Still it has taken me nearly $2,000 and 5 months of tedious labor to replace the last 10%. Just FYI, I now backup both the exhibits and the TMG files daily. That is probably overkill but I'm a little gun shy now. My advice to anyone else listening is whatever you do, backup your important data regularly (no less than weekly) and in at least two separate places with one of those being in a separate physical location. Just my own considered opinion.
  25. Picklist Sorting

    Jim, It seems like that would be true, but I've never edited my system's name style and as best I can see, there are no unexplained characters or spaces in the U.S. Standard Name Style that is set. I also find it odd that if Married names are auto generated, they are properly done (even for recent entries). Wouldn't that also use the same name style? If it wasn't for another user reporting the same problem I would lean toward a possible corruption of my software. But with another user reporting the same exact thing, that seems a little bit unlikely. I just wish there was some way to fix the problem, even if it meant manually editing hundreds of name entries. But I can't see any way to do that. I even looked at TMG Utility as a possible way to remove "space" characters, but it didn't seem to recognize any to remove. (I only ran it in logging mode as I was concerned there may be names with spaces). I remain perplexed.
  26. Picklist Sorting

    Like John, I think that this is almost surely an issue with the name style. THat's consistent with the pattern that has been described. If it's the name style, it might be fixed by fixing the name style.
  27. Picklist Sorting

    I just wanted to report back that I did as Jim suggested and enable the switch to allow name resorting during execution of Verify File Integrity. I then ran Verify File Integrity. It asked if I wanted to resort the names and I said yes. It then proceeded to do that. However, it had no effect on the "hidden" extra space at the end of the surnames for entries made since about Aug 2016. I will add that I run TMG 9.05 on a MAC (10.13.3) in a Parallels virtual machine with Windows 7. I've been running in that kind of configuration since about 2011 (save for the numerous OS upgrades over that time) without any real issues. I'd be curious to know what kind of system djsavell is running.
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