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  2. Help / About tells you which version of TMG that you are running. It also shows your registration information if you need to recover that (name, email address and registration number). This assumes that you can run TMG on your older computer. Your previous TMG installer name also identifies the version that you were running. You can contact me by email using the link in my message above.
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  4. do you mean Windows 11 or Master G. Sorry slap me now but because I have small brain tumour, I need sometimes to kick start the mind. where would I find the details of " installer version that you need (US or UK)" please. And please forgive me as off to bed now as it is 2.30am here. I do appreciate any help, links etc I am on FB if that helps or I can privately give you my email if that helps.
  5. You need to install TMG v8.08 on your new system and restore your project backup(s) on the new system. Terry Reigel has written a guide to the process of moving to a new computer. http://tmg.reigelridge.com/new-computer-version.htm Please ask questions about anything that you do not understand. If you write me and tell me what installer version that you need (US or UK), I'll give you a link to download the installer. You can contact me by email by clicking on the link below... Jim Byram
  6. I am in my 60's and totally confused. I have had to buy a new laptop, it has windows 11 I have around 50,000 people on my tree, BUT can not set up and open my files on new laptop Would someone be able to tell me in ABC English (ok Easy as) how to do this in bullet point steps please I have The Master Genealogist v8
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  8. Thanks for the clarification. Got it. That really saves a lot of time.
  9. Jim is not talking about an option in Sources, but rather about the Option in Reports. The report option changes the result for all Citations in that report, regardless of the option selected in the individual Sources. Thus there is no need to make the change in each Source so long as you consistently choose the "no ibid" option in each report you use.
  10. Yes, I know I can do this with each source, but is there a method to globally change that setting on ALL sources?
  11. Reports that have a Sources tab in the options should have this option... Check Disable "ibid." to prevent the use of "ibid" in the list of sources.
  12. Since the use of ibid in citation sources is now the "bad kid on the block," according to the Chicago Manual of Style and other organizations, including the National Genealogical Society, you would need to change the Source Definition for each source you have (through the "Output Form" tab) so that ibid is not used and the Short Footnote is used. Since I have over 3400 sources already, does anyone have an idea on how to do a mass change for all at once? Or is there some other GLOBAL setting that can be made (if so I can't find it)?
  13. .dbf file not found

    Thanks Jim, I will do that if the problem persist. Now when it happens, I just keep trying and out of the blue, it works.
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  15. .dbf file not found

    What do you do when this happens? It could be that the file header is damaged and that's why TMG can't find the file. When this happens, if you send me the _nd.dbf and _nd.fpt files, I can check the table. You can contact me by email by clicking on the link below... Jim Byram
  16. Every once in awhile, for no apparent reason, when I try to open a project, it gives me a error message that it can't find file "project_ ND.dbf not found". Can anyone tell me what has happened. It appears that this file has been corrupted some how and I can't figure out what's going on. When I look at my documents projects, it appears to be there but it still won't open the project.
  17. Field name is a duplicate or invalid

    The error suggests an issue with the tag type table memo file (the .fpt file). Although this looks like a data issue, I'd try running the installer and selecting [Repair] and if that does nothing, try reinstalling. Send me your project so that I can check it. Make a project backup and select only the project files. If the backup is too large to email, you'll need to make it available for download. You can contact me by email by clicking on the link below... Jim Byram
  18. Tag Has Disappeared

    Open the Master Tag Type list. At the lower left check the box "Show deactivated tag types." If it now appears, click it then the Edit button. At the top right of the Tag Type Definition screen check the "Active" box.
  19. Error when adding a new tag type. I had this error a few years ago and couldn't fix it. It comes when adding a new tag type by copying another. It doesn't matter which tag type is copied I get the same error. To get around the issue you have to force a 'crash' in TMG then restart, then delete, but you don't have the new tag created. I'm then unable to add a new tag type. Any ideas for a fix? Thanks
  20. Quite a while ago, I created a tag, OBIT, which has worked fine for years. Recently, however, it has disappeared from all instances, and I cannot create any new ones. Does anyone have any ideas on how to remedy this? Thank you.
  21. New Error Happening

    The error suggests that there is a problem with the image file. Remove the exhibit and see if that resolves the thumbnail creation issue. If it does, you need to try a fresh copy of the image file.
  22. Can someone help with this error please.
  23. Link to 9.05 update

    Missing data in the Other info Box is likely a project issue, not a program issue. The .PJC file might be damaged. Send me the .PJC file so that I can check it. You can contact me by email by clicking on the link below... Jim Byram Follow up - The issue appears to be Gail's custom layout. The Other info box labels appear but there are no values. Changing to a different layout shows the values. The Value header and the values were hidden to the right. The header issue and the values issue had to be fixed independently.
  24. Link to 9.05 update

    The computer is repaired and ready to use. My projects no longer have information in the box for number of tags, number of children and (my favorite) date last edited. I tried the repair feature in TMG.exe, but nothing happened. I did install v9 on a laptop and restore my Program. Everything is okay. Should I uninstall V9 from my PC and reinstate and restore; or is there something I’m missing in the repair feature?
  25. Link to 9.05 update

    Thank you.
  26. Link to 9.05 update

    Only part of it came up as a link. The whole link is: https://tmg.reigelridge.com/new-computer-version.htm I entered it a different way, so it should work. If not you will have to copy and paste the whole thing into your browser URL window.
  27. Link to 9.05 update

    I’ve tried the link. It isn’t working. Could you check it?
  28. Link to 9.05 update

    Don't bother with the disk you have. It's of no value, you should throw it away. You don't need an "update," but rather the full TMG 9.05 installer. See the topic TMG9 - Final Installers at the top of the TMG 9 section of this forum for a link to download it. See my article at https://tmg.reigelridge.com/new-computer-version.htm for some tips on moving your data to the new computer after you install the program.
  29. OK..Thanks. The flag was used 8 times and after I deleted the 8 occurrences, I was able to go back and delete the Flag. I must have created that Flag several years ago and forgotten that I had done it. Do you happen to know if, when I created this custom flag, did I do something wrong that resulted in these errors? It must have worked OK when I used it on these 8 people. Anyway, thanks so much for your help. I appreciate it very much.
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