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  3. Backup error

    This is not an rare issue. One (or more) of the exhibit files has a problem. It's best to manage your exhibit files outside of TMG. Making sure that both your project backup and your exhibits folder are stored remotely is an excellent practice. The restored path is not a concern since TMG includes a tool to update the exhibit paths in the exhibits table when they have changed. You should be doing a system backup to an external drive at a regular frequency... for example once a week. That will cover your TMG data. When I'm doing serious data entry, I copy a TMG project backup to a USB flash drive at the end of each days work.
  4. Backup error

    I have two projects, both with external exhibits. On the smaller one the backup runs fine. On the larger one, I get an error message "OLE exception error. Exception code c0000005. OLE object may be corrupt." I ran maintenance and seven errors were found and corrected. One exhibit file was found missing and I deleted it. Ran the backup again and the same problem occurred. Both times if I click "Ignore" after the error message it tells me the backup is complete, but it doesn't even create the file. I then ran the backup again but unchecked the "External Exhibits" checkbox under "Project Items" and the backup immediately runs fine, no error messages. My exhibit folder is in the default path. I want to store my backups and exhibits remotely in case my computer ever fails. I think I can just store the backup file remotely, then also save the exhibit folder remotely. That way if my computer crashes, or if I ever have to restore to a new computer, I can just make sure the exhibit folder is in the correct path. Is that correct? I'm also wondering why the error is occurring.
  5. TMG Window Hung Windows 10 on Big Sur OS11.1

    Grady, Just to note. Sometimes, when you close TMG, the process persists (when it shouldn't). In those cases, you will find the 'The Master Genealogist' process in the Background processes list in Task Manager. It doesn't hurt to end the persistent process. One symptom of this is that you try to start TMG and get a message that it's already running. Jim
  6. TMG Window Hung Windows 10 on Big Sur OS11.1

    Thank you Jim. Actually, I wasn't doing the Mac keyboard version of CTR/ALT/DEL (CTR/OPT/DEL), but erroneously was using CTR/CMD/DEL. Closed the program from Task Manager without getting involved in the background processes and that did the trick. Thank you!
  7. TMG Window Hung Windows 10 on Big Sur OS11.1

    Open the Task Manager (CTRL+SHIFT+ESC) end all TMG processes... not only at the top under Apps but also in the list under Background processes. Alternatively, restart Windows .
  8. Hi, I'm running TMG 9.05 under W10 on a Mac using Parallels Desktop 16.1.2. My TMG window cannot be closed. I was working with a source citation box (having used Add Person + icon) and must have hit cancel without then seeing the pop up box: "Are you sure you want to lose the changes to this screen?" and continued to work within the citation box. Now I have three windows open, none of which can be closed (Add Person, Citation, Yes/No lose changes warning). None of the Yes, No, Cancel, Ok buttons work and the menu items are all grayed. I've tried to close the window through CTRL/ALT/DEL to no avail. Have also opened a new window which will close but not the old one. Have shut down Windows, Parallels and my MacBook - nothing works. I can open and work with within a new window, but cannot optimize it nor back it up because the other window is still open. HELP!!
  9. Source Search by Repository

    Thank You Jim - works great!
  10. How to export PJC file

    You import a data set from the TMG project files in their folder, not from a TMG backup .SQZ file. One of the 48 project files is the .PJC file and the .PJC file is used to determine which TMG data set to import.
  11. I am trying to import my most recent TMG file into Roots Magic 7.6.5 but it requires a .PJC file and does not accept the back up .SQZ file. How do I do that? I have done that before but too long ago to remember. I use Roots to sync with Ancestry but my offline TMG is the more complete and master file. Thanking you in advance! Ct Yank
  12. Upgrading PCs and TMG

    See also Terry Reigel's excellent on-line tutorial about moving to a new computer and/or TMG version here: https://tmg.reigelridge.com/new-computer-version.htm
  13. Upgrading PCs and TMG

    You seem to be saying that you are running TMG v9. You need to back up your project(s) on the current computer and copy the backup(s) to a USB flash drive. Install TMG v9.05 on the new computer. If you don't have the TMG v9.05 installer, you can download it using the appropriate link in this topic... You then copy the backup(s) to the new computer and restore the project(s). You can include external exhibits in the backup(s) or copy the external exhibits folder to the USB flash drive and copy the folder to an appropriate location on the new computer. On the new computer, make sure that the paths in the Preferences current project settings are correct. The only one likely to be incorrect might be the backup path assuming that the other paths should be the default paths. If the exhibits are in a different location on the new computer, run Validate File Integrity and use the external exhibits feature to update the paths.
  14. Jim Byram, I believe I was in correspondence with year several years ago when I was revitalizing my genealogy research. At that time I decided to upgrade my TMG from 6 to the ending sale days of 9. You helped me through it and I have been working diligently at the tree since then. (You might say I am back to having an addiction to Genealogy) At any rate my PC is looing like it might be getting ready to die and I am ready to buy another one. I would also like to buy a laptop that I could take with me when I go on my research trips so everyone is at my fingertips. My question(s) are this---can you help me with the switch and moving my info into a new pc and laptop?....or would it by chance be a better idea to get other software and load all my TMG into it? I still work in fear that TMG will die on me one day and things would be chaotic. I did some reading and I thought I read about a new Gedcom that would transfer TMG easily. I really appreciate any and all input on this matter. Thanks Mary
  15. Source Search by Repository

    List of Sources using the filter... Repository... Number Equals (some repository number) END
  16. Source Search by Repository

    Hi, is there a way to pull up a list of sources that are attached to a particular repository? Early on I set up two repositories that are named the same and I cannot recall the difference(s) between the two. If I could see the sources to which they are attached, it would help to see if I need to merge the two or write a memo for each (as I should have done in the first place) to establish their separate purposes. Thank You!
  17. Any idea why editing a Witness with a Role of 'minister' should cause a "1234 Subscript out of bounds" error. Reindexing, Repair, Optimize all have been run. The only fix seems to be deleting the Witness and then Adding them back with the same Role.
  18. back up problem

    Hello Michael Yes I tried to open sqz . However Jim has done a couple of gedcom files for me Many thanks
  19. back up problem

    I have also seen this when some users have (mistakenly) tried to "OPEN" a backup .SQZ file. Be sure you really are trying to open a .PJC file.
  20. Hi Jim Yea about that many people. I have notepad storage as I just saw it while doing some trouble shooting. No Idea what it is about. I have hundreds of Dropbox files but cant remeber when iIlast used them. I will have a loook. First i have a major problem I just posted. I seem to have a problem with my back ups that hs to be fixed. I lost my previous post to this post. You will find this horrific but I have never used TMGW as intended. I found it very boring and nothing I would be intersted in doing. Also the information is so stilted it is not me., I am a history major and just used TMGW for for BDM's and used memos for anything else. I did use sources. My research is in an organised system in Word. I only have one family to complete and the rest is being typeset. But I still want to keep my data.. I have another project that just has data and I may do some charts one day. Yes I am happy to purchase version 9 andhave you do two projects on a consultancy basis. How can we proceed? I have another day I can't work. All my programmes i use had some problems all of asudden and I have been trouble shooting for days. I also have a bibliography package and that had a problem. I have windws 7 64 bit. I should have completed my book 3 years ago. I changed my Word template to accomodate my typesetters Design pakage as spoused were not lining up etc. So I have to get the charts done so i can change back to my normal template. I found my word docs lost their settings. I am usng arial 8 in TMGW and I have to do his margins. King regards Kaye
  21. back up problem

    You mean not a valid .PJC file. The .PJC file can be damaged. I can examine it if you send it to me. You can contact me by email by clicking on the link below... Jim Byram
  22. Hello Using Version 8 British I will attend to my Gedcom issue (below) later. However I had a driver problem and thought it may be related to TMGW problem. It has been removed. While preparing for transferring data I looked in one of my recent and a later date backup files. When I open it I get the message that ..."does not appear to be a valid JCP file." I cannot see how this has happened. Can anyone give me any ideas please?
  23. Many thanks Jim I will have a look. Finishing by Dec 24. I hope. I didnt think I could still get version 9. Ilost myu post but reg
  24. creating a gedcom file

    Thanks Michael so much, luckilly soemthing came up and I was unable to do it yesterday. Cheers
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