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  2. How do I stop filtering out non-primary tags?

    Thank you so much for your help Jim! Problem solved. I still have no idea how the filter switched itself on! At least I know how to deal with it if it re-occurs. Ernest
  3. How do I stop filtering out non-primary tags?

    In the Tag Box, right-click and clear the 'Primary events' filter under the Filter for... selections. You could also deal with this using the Tag Box options in Preferences.
  4. Can anyone help? I have somehow turned on a filter that hides all non-primary tags. I have no idea how it happened. I had just entered some passenger manifest information, and those entries are now invisible, as are all my non-primary entries. When I go to the Edit function, the drop-down list option to turn off filters is greyed out. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Ernest Wiltshire
  5. Error Message re Makespeed

    Thank you Michael. That is very wise. I think you are right. Very best wishes, John
  6. Error Message re Makespeed

    I searched the TMG-l list for an error labeled MAKESPEED. There are (only) two mentions as far back as TMG version 7 in both 2009 and 2012 of individual users getting this error, but only when running the Performance Recommendations. My memory of user comments are that very few users have ever run the Performance Recommendations. I "suspect" (though I have no actual knowledge of the code) that this is likely a very old Windows operating system call available in a version of Windows prior to 2009 which could do some speed checking. If so, that Windows call probably no longer exists in the form still being used by TMG. If the only time you get this error is with Performance Recommendations and are having no other issues, I would simply stop running that TMG routine as it is only informative. If Optimize and Validate File Integrity work, then you should be fine.
  7. Error Message re Makespeed

    Jim ... tried this, did the repair, same result ... so that mystery remains. I cannot detect any issues with the running of the program after I have pressed "Ignore" about 8 times. So, as long as I don't need to carry out the "Performance Recommendations", I guess I shall just ignore it all - turn to the East, bury a steak in the garden, cross the fingers, close my eyes and count to 10 - and pray it just isn't there ! Thanks ... and I appreciate your assistance. John Snelson
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  9. Error Message re Makespeed

    Error messages are dynamic and are only meaningful to the developers. I've never seen this one. Run the TMG v9.05 UK installer and select [Repair]. That will fix any missing or damaged program components.
  10. Error Message re Makespeed

    Thanks Jim, I am getting the same error when I use the Sample Projects (both the UK one and the USA one) and other projects, so I don't think the problem lies in the data, rather that it is in the TMG program files or possibly some of the parameters around processing, such as stack overflow or a missing dbf or something like that. Nevertheless, I tried your suggestion and got the same result (attached). It's a mystery. Is there a list of possible error messages and solutions somewhere ? john
  11. Error Message re Makespeed

    I don't get the error. Run Optimize, Validate File Integrity, Optimize and then Reindex. Run Maintenance / Performance Recommendations again and see if you still get the error.
  12. While trying to run Maintenance/Performance/Recommendations I received this message “Syntax Error 330 MAKESPEED”. Anyone had that happen or able to advise. Using TMG Gold Uk version 9.05.0000 in Windows 10. john
  13. Thanks Phil - I had considered that, and it would probably work for this first scenario, but in another it may prove too awkward - same brothers Cornelis and Jacob also each had sons named hendrick - one genealogist says hendrick, s/o Cornelis, married Mettie, and Hendrick s/o jacob married Beeltje - the other genealogist says exactly the opposite, I feel I may have to go with choosing 'best fit' and then documenting all challenges/discrepancies within existing tags and in special tags as to not complicate it more than it already is ... I will run some tests to see which method seems "clearer" to a reader, and to me when viewing the db.
  14. Consider marrying both Johannis' to Tryntje then linking the two Jonannis' together. Add comments for each about the problem. You still have only one set of parents for Johannis and Tryntje's kids but at least the problem is documented.
  15. Thanks Richard & Michael: After playing around a bit, I'm now thinking about keeping my original parental assignments, but using a customized Birth tag to include the memo in printouts - where I will note the discrepancy and other important details, as well as additional custom tags for even more details. I will be sure to check out the rootsweb group and take a look at your chapter Michael. Thanks!
  16. Hi Kathy, Since Wholly Genes stopped development of TMG this Forum has had only a few of us users watching it. I will give some comments below, but suggest strongly that you (also) post on the TMG e-mail list (tmg@rootsweb.com ) where most of the remaining TMG users communicate who are sure to have additional ideas. First, TMG only recognizes Primary parents for tracing ancestors/descendants. While TMG allows you to enter non-Primary parents, they are not considered by TMG to be the biological parents so are not followed by any automatic ancestor/descendant report. Further, while Relationship tags, whether Primary or not, can have citations they cannot produce sentences in any TMG or Second Site output. They can only have memos to explain the relationship, which some reports will output as footnotes. Second Site has some additional features for displaying non-Primary parents, which I like and use, and thus do choose to add "candidate" non-Primary parents with explanatory memos. Because my normal output is Second Site I generally only link candidate parents as non-Primary and rely on its features to adequately identify them. If you wish to do even more my on-line book has a separate chapter on advanced ways to use some special features to customize both TMG's and especially Second Site's output of non-Primary parent/child relationships. But that can get a bit complicated. However in your case, like Richard I would suggest making the parents which "you" think most likely as Primary parents. That would allow genetic linkage to occur since the mother is the same for either school of thought and the parents of the two potential fathers are the same. Regardless of whether some parents are Primary I prefer to (also) have sentences in the narrative which explain potential relationships, so choose to add custom tags about such relationships. With appropriate linkage of Principals and Witnesses and the ability for each person linked to the tag to output their own custom sentence for their narrative, these tags go a long way to providing lots of information about the issues and potential nature of these relationships. Hope this gives you ideas,
  17. Using multiple relationships tags is a start for this. The biggest issue is that not many things will output non-primary relationship tags, so I would definitely add a tag in the "Other" group listing everyone and explaining the situation so you get the information outputted. I personally would likely leave one set as primary, for the parents I thought most likely (especially given they are brothers) as the primary parentage will allow reports to trace through this linkage.
  18. Using TMGv9: Brief summary of situation: Have a number of 8th & 9th great VAN TASSELL grandparents that two major genealogists differ in assigning parents. Some primary sources have solved some issues, (and I note that with custom tags and citations) but in some cases - the possibility is real that either school of thought may be correct. When I started my project I chose to follow one trail/theory. Now that I have decided to compile a more complete picture, I would like to include the apposing arguments. I was thinking along the lines of removing PRIMARY parents from individuals involved and adding both sets as possible parents, neither marked primary (if possible?), and using a custom tag or notes set to print to give explanations. Example: Genealogist A: says Johannis that married Tryntje was son of Cornelis. Geneologist B: says Johannis that married Tryntje was son of Jacob (Cornelis' brother) Both agree on the children of Johannis. so the break is at the parents. Both parents HAD sons named Johannis. There are supporting theories for EITHER choice. I would like to present both arguments, but not sure how this can/should/ be done in a way that makes sense. Am curious how others have handled this type of situation. I would be happy to give a more detailed example of a situation if that will help paint a clearer picture of what I'm trying to accomplish. - kathy VT
  19. Bad ID Number

    First you might look at the topic about renumbering people in TMG which I mention in my on-line book: https://www.mjh-nm.net/STYLE.HTML#Numbering It describes a number of issues about renumbering. There is also a footnote which links to a "bug" report which describes some renumbering behavior which you might find unexpected. Second, you do not "load/open" a .sqz file. It is a single file which contains the compressed large number of database files which are the project. You must "restore" a backup file. However, it would be wise to create a new separate Windows folder which can be specified as where the project will be recreated from the backup file. You can select this new folder as part of the restore actions. That way you could examine the resulting recreated project separately and be sure you want to use it instead of your current project. If instead you tell the restore to use the folder where your current project resides, the restore will completely overwrite the current project with the backup which may cause you to lose a lot of data entry work.
  20. Bad ID Number

    I tried renumbering and TMG started with the 6-digit number in lieu of the number 1 and for my second person it reverted to the number 2 and continued on in perfect order. So I've abandoned that approach. How do I load a back up file? I close the existing file. I can find the back up file but it is in a <*.sqz"> extension and it doesn't want to load. John
  21. Bad ID Number

    Filling unused ID#s really serves no purpose. I never change ID#s since they are the base of my filing system. The next ID# should be the last used plus 1. You don't use F2 to get that. You did change the high ID# to the next available before the gap? Have you tried reindexing? Something really bad happened to get the REF_ID numbers to jump like that. If it were me, I'd revert to the last backup before this happened. You could send me your project to check before you do anything (a backup with project files, accents and filters only). You can contact me by email by clicking on the link below... Jim Byram
  22. Bad ID Number

    Yesterday I was entering several new people into my family tree in TMG v9 and I was using the TMG F2 feature to use all of my “skipped” person ID numbers (from people that I had deleted). I didn’t realize it but I finished using all the “skipped” numbers and I continued using F2 to select "unused" (but now new) numbers when TMG “blinked” and my ID numbers went from 4222 to 512892. I cannot get TMG to recognize my last person’s ID as 4221 and make my next person’s ID number 4222. Can anyone help me? Thanks John
  23. The selected output destination is "Printer"? To make sure that the program installation is not damaged, run the TMG v9.05 installer and select [Repair].
  24. I am running Windows 10 and have TMG 9.05. I've tried to print reports of various sorts unsuccessfully. The system seems to go through the motions of collecting data from the different persons in the project and then I receive the following saved to "c:/users/losde/appdata/local/temp/tmg…..with a long attached number. Previously the program would actually print the report. My printer is on the list as default so I haven't a clue what I'm doing wrong.
  25. Relationship not connecting

    Thank you Jim Worked perfect. I have been trying everything on and off for a week, should have asked. 9.05 Greg
  26. Relationship not connecting

    What version of TMG are you using? I'm not sure whether her father should show a relationship. Refresh the auto-relationship tag and see what happens. File / Preferences / Current Project Options / Other / click the [Refresh relationships] button. The Relation tag needs to be refreshed anytime that new people are added to the data set.
  27. Relationship of Lidia Howland shows---- wife of----not my direct relation ----Shows my 7th grandfather correctly. Her farther Joseph Howland shows no relation When printed on VCF chart form all is OK Did I get a tag wrong? Thanks, Greg
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