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  2. DNA, SS & TMG

    There are two user items in Second Site that apply to using the data in the DNA Log. I believe that both use Y-DNA results. Check the SS help to see a description of these user items. Progeny Genealogy has an add-on for Charting Companion used to create a DNA Matrix chart. Perhaps the output from that to be added to a SS site as a user item..
  3. DNA, SS & TMG

    Hi Pat, Jim may respond as I believe he includes DNA in some of his projects. But very few users monitor this Forum any more. You are likely to get more responses from the users' TMG-L email list. To subscribe: https://lists.rootsweb.com/postorius/lists/tmg.rootsweb.com/ Michael
  4. DNA, SS & TMG

    I would be grateful for any hints on using the TMG DNA fingerprint facility, which I will be using in conjunction with Second Site. Other than the TMD help pages, are there any FAQ's or web sites I can view? Pat Dunbar
  5. [TMG]Relation Problem

    Hello Paul & Svhous,' Many thanks for your kind assistance.. I used Go to File > Preferences > Current project > Other and click on the refresh button, and it worked. I have been using TMG since floppy disk days, and still have a lot to learn! Perhaps I'm getting too old for this game. Kind regards, Pat Dunbar
  6. [TMG]Relation Problem

    Try refreshing relationships. Go to File > Preferences > Current project > Other and click on the refresh button Apply and quit. See if your problem is solved.
  7. [TMG]Relation Problem

    You probably had her husband as the focus when you added the daughter. Since the husband shows no relationship the daughter then shows no relationship. You can correct the relationship by going to Preferences>Current Project Options>Other and click on Refresh Relationships. When adding children to a couple where one of the couple is related and the other is not remember to have the related individual as the focus and you won't have to refresh the relationships.
  8. [TMG]Relation Problem

    For some time I have had on TMG a female 1st. cousin 1 time removed, her husband and their son.. Her husband is shown as no blood relationship. Their son, 2nd cousin. So far, so good. I have just added a daughter which I expected to be a second cousin but TMG records her as no blood relationship. I have checked that both son and daughter have the same parents. The Sibling screen is correct when switching Details, Person screen from son to daughter. I have restarted TMG and carried out maintenance but with no change to the above. I would welcome any comments. Pat Dunbar
  9. Missing image during backup

    If you run Validate File Integrity, the 'Last VFI.log' file will have information about any missing exhibits. You can also use TMG Utility and the exhibits feature to identify missing exhibits. (Exhibits / Verify Exhibit Paths)
  10. I'm using TMG Ver 9.05 under Windows 10x64. During backup of my current project, I encounter an error message in the log "f:\Henry's Data\My Documents\My Files\genealogy\Other Images\Renee Boyer\Woodward\Anna Smith Bible.jpg". However, this appears to involve an image from my work during a previous session on a different project. I do not have a Drive F:\ attached. How can I determine the source causing this error? Thanks. Henry Ince; tmgince@cfl.rr.com
  11. Unexplained Program Changes

    I do appreciate the thoughts, and I tried both things, it doesn't seem to have worked. Thanks, anyway.
  12. Unexplained Program Changes

    There is some issue with the Configuration_files folder. Right-click on the folder and select Properties and unselect Read-only. This should make sure that the folder contents are not read-only. (Note that the folder will always show Read-only selected when you check Properties. That's normal.) Now check your report. You might also need to reset the report to defaults to refresh the settings file and re-select your settings.
  13. I have experienced some changes to my TMG program, and am at a loss to explain. I am running Gold Edition v. 9.05 on a laptop with Windows 10 Home version. I first noticed the differences when running an Individual Narrative Report. I use this report to generate a MS Word file, which I edited and develop into a research paper for other family members. In the past, when I would click on the REPORT tab, at the bottom would be a list of reports recently used. This list was gone. So I used the general reports list to open an Individual Narrative Report and found that all of my saved settings under the OPTION tab were gone. Regenerating those settings would be a little time consuming, but I seem to be able to do that. After edited some data I then realized that none of the non-primary tags were shown in the window. I click on the FILE tab, PREFERENCES tab, and TAG BOX tab, and check the box for "SHOW NON-PRIMARY EVANTS." The non-primary tags became visible. However, which I close out of the program, that box goes back to unchecked and the non-primary tags are again not visible. I can check that box and see the non-primary tags, and see those tags in the person's window, but I have to redo that every time I start the program. Other changes I have made in that TAG BOX, PREFERENCES settings (e.g. "Show TImelines With Color") but checking the "SHOW NON-PRIMARY EVANTS" never is saved as a setting. I ran the MAINTENANCE programs (Reindex, Optimize, and Validate File Settings), and got a no problems to be corrected notice. I have also tried restarting the laptop. I haven't seen any other effects, at least none that I have noticed. I don't seem to have any problem adding or editing tags. Once I have added the settings I usually use, the reports seem to work normally. I was wondering if anyone would have any thoughts or suggestions.
  14. Using a Table format for estate inventories

    Leslie, For SS output, don't use a JPG. Use an HTML table. That will leave the text as text, which has several advantages. If you have a scan of an original document, then include that, but add the transcription as an HTML table. John
  15. Gedcom Publisher

    Gedcom Publisher is a ground-breaking application that creates an electronic book in EPUB format by combining text and images you enter with information taken from your GEDCOM file or TMG project. Gedcom Publisher knows the ins and outs of constructing a book in EPUB format, and it knows how to read your genealogy data. That means you can focus on the content of your family history book. Digital publishing is very popular, and it's likely that when our grandchildren mature, most if not all their reading will be e-books, not paper books. It's unlikely that paper books will disappear, but the trend is clear. Electronic books in EPUB format use HTML and CSS, which are also used in web sites. Unlike web sites, however, the result is a single file that is easy to share. Using Gedcom Publisher is like using Second Site, but the result is an EPUB file rather than a web site. Second Site users will be familiar with some of the basic building blocks, like the Person Entry section. There are many differences, however, owing to the capabilities, rules, and limitations of reading devices and the EPUB format. For more information, please visit the home page for Gedcom Publisher here: https://www.gedcompublisher.com You may also be interested to review an example book: https://www.gedcompublisher.com/en/example.htm The example book link above uses a browser-based e-book reader. That reader is not very robust and has a few rendering issues. For the best results, you can download the example book to your tablet or PC. Download the "AZK" version for sideloading to a Kindle app on your iOS device (iPad, iPhone). John Cardinal Author of Gedcom Publisher, GedSite, Second Site, and TMG Utility
  16. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! That fixed the problem.
  17. Run the TMG9 installer and select [Repair]. You might also need to open Control Panel / Programs and Features , click 'Turn Windows features on or off' and make sure that 'Media features' is selected.
  18. Finally got TMG9 installed on my new Windows 10 laptop after not having it for several years. Install seemed to install fine. When I try to "Select...", "Restore..." or even "Sample" a project to begin using it, I get the dialogue box for "Locate comdlg32.ocx". Anyone have any ideas where that can be found, or is that something NOT in Windows 10? If not there, then what?
  19. Using a Table format for estate inventories

    Worked beautifully!!! Thank you so much Terry and Michael. In the fullness of time, I'll redo all my estate inventories - perhaps At least the ones of ancestors. Leslie
  20. Visual chartform charts

    You'll want to save the chart as a PDF. http://www.whollygenes.com/forums201/index.php?/topic/14684-printing-large-charts-to-pdf/&tab=comments#comment-59391
  21. Saving ahnentafel report

    Nevermind I see I can save it as a pdf in printing options.
  22. Is there any way to send a chart created in TMG (visual chartform extension) to someone who does not have TMG in a way that they will be able to open and view the chart?
  23. Saving ahnentafel report

    I am able to generate an ahnentafel report just fine using TMG 9.05 and can print the report. Is there any way to save it? Ed Dunscombe
  24. Using a Table format for estate inventories

    Thanks, Michael, I've got it now. Given it's an estate inventory tag, I prefer using the one tag so will use your idea when I can again sit at the computer to do the input. I'm limited in how many minutes I can sit (and if you think this isn't annoying, think again!). Leslie
  25. Using a Table format for estate inventories

    When you want something to appear in TMG output but not SecondSite, and vice versa, the embedded formatting codes Terry mentions generally are the answer. One way to use these codes is to use two separate tags, one which hides its output from TMG but not from SecondSite, and the other the reverse. I have used two tags, but I usually choose to include both output in a single tag. That means you combine both the codes Terry mentioned together: [HID:][SS-HID:][:HID] ... TMG only content ... [HID:][:SS-HID][SS:] ... SS only content ... [:SS][:HID] Hope this makes things clearer, Michael
  26. Using a Table format for estate inventories

    I had a major Apple crash yesterday and couldn't try this out. All's well today after pulling the plug! I'm failing to understand something here: 1. For TMG output of the transcribed inventory, if I nest [HID:][SS-HID:][:HID] ... TMG only content ... [HID:][:SS-HID][:HID] , I get no TMG output at all in a Journal report. SS works fine, ignoring the typed transcript and using the scanned jpg as I want it to. 2. I guess I simply don't understand. I do not want to hide the typed transcript from TMG which I want to output it in a report. I want SS to use the jpg and ignore the typed memo. What am I doing wrong? Regards, Leslie
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