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  2. Missing Exhibits

    File / Maintenance / Validate File Integrity If the exhibit record is erroneous, it can only be removed by editing the exhibit table like I did for you earlier.
  3. Missing Exhibits

    Hi Jim thank you for your reply and help (as always). What is VFI ???? How can I delete this remnant from TMG5 and 6 looking in c:\Program Files\The Master Genealogist ? I think I had this prior to your fixing my data base a few months ago. thanks R.
  4. Missing Exhibits

    Art, I can delete the exhibit records. Follow my directions above. A copy of the Last VFI.log with the missing exhibits might also help. Jim
  5. Missing Exhibits

    Ralph, TMG (for Windows) v6 and earlier stored the exhibits in c:\Program Files\The Master Genealogist\pics when installed on 32-bit Windows. The TMG program folder name varies depending on the TMG version. Your exhibit record would appear to be a remnant of such an earlier TMG version. Validate File Integrity (VFI) has the tools to deal with multiple image folders and exhibit trees and can relink all exhibits when relocating exhibit folders. The only requirement is that each image file has a unique name. VFI can't relink image files in an exhibit tree if images of the same name are identified by different folder names. For example... one image tree. The path of the base folder must be entered into the location table and then you need to click the [Search in subfolders] button. Jim
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  7. Missing Exhibits

    I have had it happened several times and found a pattern. When I have exhibits for people but change the folder name, TMG cant find the exhibit and I get the exhibit error. I do not put all of my exhibit pics into the single Exhibits folder that TMG suggests. If I did then this error would never occur. I have too many people in my data base to do that. I point TMG to the exhibit pictures in my folders which are specific to each person. My person folders are laddered according to the family relationship. In this case I have to go back to each exhibit in the renamed folder ladder and re-establish the link properly. After the link is established properly the error is gone. The Exhibit errors that I received that really gets me is this one, which returns: c:\Program Files\The Master Genealogist\pics\Yost\LorraineBAccardiYost.jpg I never place exhibit files in c:\Program Files\The Master Genealogist\pics\ so I dont know why it points to that erroneous location. I am now getting this error all the time and it had been fixed once about a month or so ago!! I do not have a folder c:\Program Files\The Master Genealogist so I dont know why TMG thinks this exists. * Missed Exhibits * ********************* image >9 - c:\Program Files\The Master Genealogist\pics\Yost\LorraineBAccardiYost.jpg ******************************************** * Not found one exhibit file. ******************************************** R.
  8. Missing Exhibits

    Jim I have a similar problem with about 25 exhibits that have been driving me crazy for over 20 years. I can't even tell for sure who the exibit person is because they have been shortened, having been with me since the time when Windows file names were limited in the number of characters allowed. I do recognize a few of the exhibits, and have chased them down with no kind of fix that I can see. They refer to a drive that was on a computer long since gone. If your fix for Ralph works, I would very much appreciate trying the same with my files. I asked the same question back in 2014. My exhibits have always been in an external folder, and I've done file integrity. Nothing helps. Thanks....Art Brown
  9. Mother/wife duplication

    Everything seems to be okay. I think I've been inconsistent on how I've handled missing names. I see that in one case I used "Israel's Wife #1"...for better or for worse! Thanks for the suggestions. I see that --?-- appears automatically since I've chosen that for "empty name text" in reports.
  10. Mother/wife duplication

    The only issues are whether the children have the correct parents and whether the correct spouses share a Marriage tag. If those issues are taken care of, you should be fine. TMG doesn't require entries for missing name parts. I always enter (--?--) as a place marker for missing given names or surnames.
  11. Mother/wife duplication

    Is there any reason why my solution would create a problem? Thanks everyone for your input. It's very reassuring to know you are here.
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  13. Other Info Box missing Reference

    Noted. Thank you!
  14. Other Info Box missing Reference

    WordPad is fine to edit a text file as long as it's saved as a text file. Using Notepad would be better since you can't save the file as anything other than a text file. Glad that you got things fixed.
  15. Other Info Box missing Reference

    Jim. I was able to edit my pjc file and it worked! I had no idea that it could be edited in WordPad. Thanks,, John
  16. Mother/wife duplication

    Okay, I think I may have fixed it.I had Dovid and Sophie married (wrong!), with Morris as their son -- but Morris was actually married to Sophie. So I added a new wife to Dovid (with just Dovid's surname since I don't know her name -- I could probably just leave everything blank = unknown), deleted his marriage to Sophie, and everything looks good. Does anyone see a potential problem with that?
  17. Mother/wife duplication

    You need to understand that in TMG, relationships only exist between children and parents. Marriage is not a relationship but is an event shared by two individuals. Deleting the relationship tags will have no effect on the Marriage tag. You should go to the child and delete the child-mother relationship tag(s) and then click on the mother slot and add the mother's ID#. (You already said that you weren't able to do this.) Like I said above, if you can't fix this, I might need to do it. These types of errors can be very persistent. You would need to send me a backup with projects files, accents and filters only or a link to download the backup. I'll need to know the ID#s of the child and the mother. If I have the project, I'll check it for other errors at the same time. (There are always other errors. <g>) You can contact me by email by clicking on the link below... Jim Byram
  18. Mother/wife duplication

    Do you want to see the project (if you promise not to laugh at my methods!!)? Is repairing it a big job?
  19. Mother/wife duplication

    I tried making the mother non-primary, but that hasn't changed anything. And if I try to delete the ID number, I get "The tag must have at least one principal." I thought about creating a new wife, having her marry Morris (which should keep the children intact), and then deleting Sophie shown as Morris's mother...or somehow using a merge????
  20. Mother/wife duplication

    Fouled up relationships can be difficult to fix and I might need to see your project to repair it. The problem is that child-parent relationships are stored in two different tables in the database and the data in those two tables need to agree. The issue can't always be repaired from the user interface. I've seen this in two different projects that I've repaired in the last month. I suspect that there are two primary child-mother relationships recorded and they might differ between the two tables. As Terry recommended... Try selecting the mother in the child's person view and hitting clicking the primary (*) button to make the mother you see non-primary. If you can separate the two mother tags, then you can delete the wrong one.
  21. Mother/wife duplication

    You should be able to delete the tag, but if you can remove the wife's ID# from the existing tag that might do it. Alternatively, make the existing tag non-primary. It will then appear in the Tag Box below. See if you can then delete it.
  22. Mother/wife duplication

    I think what you need to do is to delete the ID number in the Mother tag not the tag itself.
  23. Mother/wife duplication

    Thanks for your message, Terry. I've been trying to do that. If I just hit the "delete" key, I get the message, "Primary Parent Confusion." If I right-click the mother tag, the "Delete this tag" option is grayed out.
  24. Mother/wife duplication

    Judi, As you were advised on FaceBook, though with somewhat confusing nomenclature, go to the Person view for Morris. Click on the Mother Tag two lines below his name, which should show Sophie as his mother. Delete that Tag.
  25. Other Info Box missing Reference

    Jim, When I dragged it to my desktop I did get a shortcut to http://www.whollygenes.com/forums201/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=3504 When it click ot it, it goes to that address which gives me the message: "Sorry, there is a problem The page you are trying to access is not available for your account. Error code: 2C171/1" even though I am signed in as John MayBee I will try editing my .plc file and see if I can just edit it mas you suggest. Thanks for your help John MayBee using TMG since Feb, 1993 ( v.99 pre-release)
  26. Other Info Box missing Reference

    OK. When I drag and drop to the desktop, what I get is a shortcut. Clicking on the shortcut gets the .PJC file downloaded to my downloads folder. I dragged the downloaded .PJC file to my desktop. Assuming that you follow those steps, from that point, you could drag the .PJC file from your desktop to your projects folder and overwrite the existing file. I compared your fixed .PJC file to one of my .PJC files. Your fixed .PJC file is complete and undamaged. btw... I gave you the information in my first post that provides what you need to know to repair your own .PJC file.
  27. I have a married couple, Morris and Sophie, in my database. Somehow Sophie also appears as Morris's mother, therefore Morris as Sophie's child. Both wife Sophie and mother Sophie have the same I.D. number. How do I remove Sophie the mother without losing her as Morris's wife. I suspect there's an easy solution, but I don't want to accidentally delete needed information. I did perform all the maintenance options on the outside chance that would help, which, of course, it didn't. If try to delete the tag defining the mother/son relationship, I'm told, "Primary parent confusion." I agree -- there's confusion! Thanks in advance for helping me solve this issue.
  28. Other Info Box missing Reference

    Jim, When I tried copying it I got "attachment.php" which is attached - not usable When I dragged it to my directory I got this "Maybee Society__.PJC" also not usable, but it did overwrite my old one so TMG won't open. John attachment.php Maybee Society__.PJC.URL
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