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  2. Exhibit folder not where it should be

    1. Typically, the file extensions are not displayed on a new Windows installation. You need to enable showing extensions in the File Explorer options. View / Options / View tab 2. Your TMG exhibits can be located wherever you choose. Use File Explorer to move the exhibits to your chosen location. Run TMG and use File / Maintenance / Validate File Integrity to relink the exhibits. (This only works if each exhibit file has a unique name.)
  3. I just noticed that, somehow, my exhibit folder is not where I would choose for it to be. It is buried under my genealogy folders c:\Genealogy\Schreiner\MichaelShreiner_Fix\JohnSchreiner_Coby\MartinSchreinerAnnaKrupp\AnthonySchreiner_Westrick\MarcellaKSchreinerMead\CharlesMead3_Crawmer\ In examining the files, I notice a lot of files without an extension. 1. How can I move the exhibit folder? 2. What are the files with no file extension on them?
  4. Lost all of my exhibits (new computer)

    Just figured out the problem. TMG used the wrong location for the project file. Pointed it to the correct project file and it is fixed. Thank you.
  5. I purchased a new computer. Installed TMG 9.05 Gold Edition fine. Started using it, adding data. Just noticed that when I close out and save, the program cannot find 510 exhibit files. A little further investigation reveals that the program is using a project file in a different location than I previously used. My original project file was C:\Genealogy\Projects. But now the program is pointing to a project file in a new location: C:\Users\ralphyost\Documents\The Master Genealogist v9\Projects. None of my exhibits have moved from their original locations. I downloaded the TMG Utility but do not see how to repair this problem. I am attaching the last backup log file. thank you for your help Last Backup.log
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  7. flag values not visible

    The problem was that the layout was corrupted? If so, you could have deleted the layout from within TMG.
  8. flag values not visible

    This one is the winner - worked as advertised!! John
  9. flag values not visible

    The app.ini and layouts are located here... "C:\Users\(user account name)\AppData\Roaming\The Master Genealogist v9" There was no point deleting the user data folder in Documents since nothing in that folder has anything to do with the program installation.
  10. flag values not visible

    Jim, I have tried to solve this problem, but cannot. I uninstalled TMG and after copying my Exhibits and Backups to another location, deleted the folders \Documents\The Master Genealogist, and \Program Files (x86\The Master Genealogist v9. Then I deleted all the files in the recycle bin, and shut down and restarted my MS Windows 10 computer. Then I reinstalled TMG v9. When I opened the program it came up in my previous layout, with my previous toolbar, and the Flags box error! Have you any idea where the layout, etc is saved, so I can delete it? John MayBee
  11. flag values not visible

    Try closing the Flags window and reopening it. That might refresh it. Flags are stored in the Person table ($.dbf) so, hopefully, this is just some sort of display issue.
  12. I used the Flag Manager to put the Ancestor Interest back in my Flag Window - now no values shoe\w in the Flag Window. I cannot figure out how to get them back.
  13. What is TList7?

    Replied to your email. Update... This last issue was a corrupted .PJC file. Rebuilding the .PJC file made the project usable.
  14. What is TList7?

    Now today I am receiving an error, I have not done anything other than try to open my file... My file would not open. I said ok to the error and closed the opening screen, TMG started a "one time validation" on the file... several screen of validation started running... Then I received this message: I selected "Yes" and then my file opened and started the screen with the Layout all messed up. I am backing it up to see what is coming next... What is going on?
  15. What is TList7?

    TList7.ocx is installed on my system and I get no such error. The control is dated 8 Dec 2004 so such an error might not be entirely unexpected. " TList brings the maximum in flexibility and power to developers looking for a reliable grid, listview or treeview component for structured data presentation and data entry. TList is great for: manufacturing pick lists, checkbook registers, idea organizers, concept development, customer lists, reporting and the list goes on." http://www.bennet-tec.com/btProducts/TList/TList.htm There is a version 4 days newer than the one used by TMG.
  16. What is TList7?

    Opened my TMG and got this error about TList7...
  17. Odd Errors

    Michael, I keep all the exhibits "external" to TMG. Thanks for the input
  18. Odd Errors

    Hmmm.... Jim has the best knowledge about all this so always follow his advice, but your comment about videos in your backup raises a red flag for me. While it is legal and sometimes convenient to do so, in my experience one should get in the habit of never including any image exhibits in TMG backups. In my opinion all those imgage exhibit files should be backed up as a separate action OUTSIDE of TMG, using something like WinZip or equivalent. This is probably especially true of video files, as these files can be quite large. Note that the TMG backup is creating a single file containing everything being backed up, including all those separate image exhibit files and videos. Thus that single file can get quite huge and may be the source of problems. You say "Fingers crossed it is working". Yes, for now. But I suggest that you DON'T do a new backup which includes the image exhibits.
  19. Odd Errors

    Update... So I was not getting anywhere with the program. Something was interfering with the layout process. The last thing I could think of that I had done was to add several videos to the exhibits so I deleted those, made a backup, made a new project with no people. Then I restored the backup without the videos and added that backup as a new data set. I merged the datasets, deleted the restored dataset and everything seems to be working. NOTE: If you do this all the numbering of the sources will change making it necessary to renumber any ORA auto-template references. People numbering also changed, but that is not such a pain to work with. Fingers crossed it is working.
  20. Odd Errors

    Explicitly saved... then Overwrote... Then tried making a new... no go. All the boxes are hiding except the Custom and Detail... I can make them all appear with the Arrange All, or by using the Ctl+F6 and then Center to Window...
  21. Odd Errors

    You did explicitly save the layout, right? [Save custom layout] / Layout Manager / [Overwrite] Looking for error... Haven't found anything.
  22. Odd Errors

    I thought maybe to put my data into a new project but that doesn't seem plausible . Restored a back up and got this:
  23. Odd Errors

    Same... did all the unselects, re-arranged, closed, opened. Still not saving layout.
  24. Odd Errors

    Unselect Show Age column, Show Witnesses column, Show Exhibits column, and Show excluded data. Also set number rows per tag to 2. Check the resulting Tag Box.
  25. Odd Errors

    What is wrong?
  26. Odd Errors

    You'll notice that you have both primary and non-primary tags displayed in the Tag Box. And the view is not filtered.
  27. Odd Errors

    Here is a shot of after re-arranging, then saving layout to "Working"
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