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  2. The selected output destination is "Printer"? To make sure that the program installation is not damaged, run the TMG v9.05 installer and select [Repair].
  3. Hi Judy, I just finished reading your printing issues and am experiencing the same thing though I don't quite understand what you did to correct the problem. I'm a bit of an amateur. could you help me a bit? Appreciate it greatly if you can. BTW I go to the Archive in Albany often. great place and great people!!


    1. Jim Byram

      Jim Byram

      Please do not use the Create new content / Status option. If you want to reply to an existing topic, post that reply in the topic.

  4. I am running Windows 10 and have TMG 9.05. I've tried to print reports of various sorts unsuccessfully. The system seems to go through the motions of collecting data from the different persons in the project and then I receive the following saved to "c:/users/losde/appdata/local/temp/tmg…..with a long attached number. Previously the program would actually print the report. My printer is on the list as default so I haven't a clue what I'm doing wrong.
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  6. Don't know how the forum works and don't know where else to turn. I am running Windows 10 and the TMG 9.05. I cannot seem to actually print a report of any kind. It goes through the process of collection of information for the report and then I get a message saying it's saved to C:/users/losde/appdate/local/temp/tmg and a long number. Nothing prints!!. What am I doing wrong?

    1. Jim Byram

      Jim Byram

      Go to the TMG9 forum and start a new topic.


  7. Relationship not connecting

    Thank you Jim Worked perfect. I have been trying everything on and off for a week, should have asked. 9.05 Greg
  8. Relationship not connecting

    What version of TMG are you using? I'm not sure whether her father should show a relationship. Refresh the auto-relationship tag and see what happens. File / Preferences / Current Project Options / Other / click the [Refresh relationships] button. The Relation tag needs to be refreshed anytime that new people are added to the data set.
  9. Relationship of Lidia Howland shows---- wife of----not my direct relation ----Shows my 7th grandfather correctly. Her farther Joseph Howland shows no relation When printed on VCF chart form all is OK Did I get a tag wrong? Thanks, Greg
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  11. John Cardinal posted about the release of T2G on TMG-L. *** TMG to GEDCOM v1.00 is now available. *** TMG to GEDCOM (T2G) is a faster, better GEDCOM export for TMG. It includes hundreds of features to customize a GEDCOM export including features custom-designed to work with popular GEDCOM readers like Ancestry.com. TMG to GEDCOM will only work with TMG databases written by TMG v9.04 or v9.05. TMG to GEDCOM allows export templates and, initially, has templates available for Ancestry.com (public and private), GENviewer, Gramps. and Legacy. You can save your own templates for custom configurations. See the following URL for more information about TMG to GEDCOM (T2G): https://tmgtogedcom.com/en/tgn001.htm
  12. Cannot Open project in TMG 9

    John, Thank you for your detailed explanation; I had not been aware of the risk to my TMG database. In fact, rather like you, my automated backup apparently takes place when I am asleep. Leastways there is a file with the correct name and current date on my external drive every time I look. John
  13. Cannot Open project in TMG 9

    JohnR, I am not Michael, but I will answer anyway. If you have an automated backup program that only runs at a designated time, and TMG is not running at that time, you should be fine. The problem with backup programs that run all the time is they can interfere with TMG trying to access one of its files while you are using TMG, and that can corrupt your TMG database. Popular cloud-based programs run all the time so they can distribute the network load, and that means they are running when you might be using TMG. That's bad, and must be avoided. However, a nightly backup process is fine as long as TMG is not running when that backup runs. I have an automated backup that runs at 3AM and copies all changed files to an external device. Once a week, I make an "image copy" of each drive on my PC so I have a recent "full copy of the disk" in case something goes wrong. I transport some of the backup files to offsite locations. All that is outside TMG, and I make sure that TMG is not running when those backups occur. Within TMG, I use the File > Backup command frequently. The resulting SQZ files are gobbled up by the backup processes described above. John
  14. Cannot Open project in TMG 9

    Michael, You are not suggesting that my local automatic backup of drive C and D to an external drive should exclude the TMG progamme and data files?
  15. Cannot Open project in TMG 9

    An even worse "bad" action was ignoring the warnings that have been being posted for years about not allowing any automatic backup or cloud program have anything to do with the actual TMG files. Tsk, tsk, tsk, <frown> Do a backup within TMG, then copy that TMG backup file to some separate folder where the automatic backup or cloud service (e.g. PCloud) will find it and save it for you.
  16. Sources Slow to Load

    Pam, A few other cases of slow response were due to people having some or all of their TMG files being maintained by a cloud service, like OneDrive. The slow response time was caused by that service having to access the cloud via the Internet, then download a temporary copy of the file, then let TMG do the accessing (read and or write), and then reload the (possibly changed) temporary files back on the cloud. Depending upon the cloud service and your Internet connections this could take quite a long time. Could this possibly also be your situation for your source files? Michael
  17. Sources Slow to Load

    I tried all of the different ways that you list and it never took more than 1-2 seconds to open the source list. Your project has 1438 sources.
  18. Sources Slow to Load

    No, the sources are still lagging a long time. I can't figure this out either. Opening the source list doesn't take long if you just go right to that under tools. If I add a tag, and then try to add a source, the list takes forever. And the same if you are just copying one, and then edit it. Each step takes way longer than it should. Even if you are done editing it, when you go to select it. Saving takes a long time, and then another delay before it shows in the list so you can select it. Makes sourcing very painful. It just started some months ago...it went from great to dismal and no idea way.
  19. Sources Slow to Load

    Pam, Opening the master source list in in the project we were working on took only a couple of seconds on my system. Jim
  20. Cannot Open project in TMG 9

    I just have to say that Jim Byram is wonderful! He saved my project and I am totally indebted to him! I was a bad girl, slacking off and found I hadn't done a backup for a month. And to top it off, TMG wouldn't let me restore any other backups. I was totally hosed and dead in the water. The man has the patience of a saint. I am so excited that I am up and running again. No more using cloud syncing, and I'm backing up every night from now on. Pam Thank Heavens for the support here.
  21. Cannot Open project in TMG 9

    Jim, you know I did add my Docs folder to PCloud a few days ago, because I was afraid I might lose my project! Ironic. I was out most of yesterday so never got to my computer until now. Rebooting didn't help. I get the same thing. I really would love to save the the project as it was on 9/27. I backed it up and it has a lot of work that was NOT in the August backup. Shame on me! I used to back up every day, and I got lazy... I would love for you to look at it. I will remove my Docs folder from PCloud right now, reboot and see. Pam Wood Waugh
  22. Sources Slow to Load

    Pam, I've heard of slow access to the Master Source List when there are thousands of sources, but 3x or more than the 1600 you have. I am a lumper, and I have about 1015 sources. The MSL opens in about 2 seconds for me. I have no idea why the MSL is so slow for you, but I am confident there is a problem. I will contact you off-list.
  23. Cannot Open project in TMG 9

    Hopefully, you're not using real-time sync or backup on your project (DropBox, OneDrive, Google Drive, etc.). I've never seen "[conflicted] added by TMG to a data file filename so I'm assuming that some external application is responsible for this. You need to back up your project files every work session. Rebooting your system might allow a backup to be restored. I can examine your project to see if it can be recovered. Having a data file deleted by some external application is not rare and happens. That's why frequent backups are critical. You can contact me by email by clicking on the link below... Jim Byram
  24. Yesterday I tried to open my project "FAMILY" in TMG and was met with "\_ND.dbf not found". It shut down. Tried again, and it went into Repair Mode. Again, same result. Rebooted machine. Ditto. Searched on line for a resolution. Read about deleting all the .CDX files belonging to the project. Looked in my Projects folder and all the rest of my side projects had them, but FAMILY one did not. But I did notice about 10 of my FAMILY .DBF files had [conflicted] , like: FAMILY_PPV [conflicted].DBF Figured my data was corrupt, so tried to restore from an old backup (from a whole month ago::[sigh::]. Now all I get is "Someone else is using the project". I can't seem to find a way around that one. Any suggestions?? I'm about ready to hyperventilate!! Will a new install fix it?? (with fingers crossed that it is just that simple...) Pam Wood Waugh
  25. I believe that I have an SQZ file that is corrupted, does anyone know if there is a tool to compare such files? Thank you.

    1. Jim Byram

      Jim Byram

      I have no idea how you posted this.

      Please post as a normal topic in the appropriate forum.

  26. Yes. However, you want to update to v8.08, the last version of TMG8. There was a very important database design change made in TMG v8.05 and you don't want to be running an earlier version. You can find the download link for the correct TMG v8.08 version here... http://www.rootsusers.org/install.html
  27. See my original post in this thread. <TMG v8.8 will run fine on the latest version of Windows 10> So yours will too as it is earlier. But I will let Jim answer.. This thread is about changing from Win 7. Kaye
  28. Thanks Jim Just one confirmation. Does this mean that I will not have any descendants vertical lines? I ran RTF reports but they still opened in Word 2010. They are in my output reports as RTF. I don't believe it is possible to get vertical lines in charts in RTF. Is this correct. The fact that they are opening in Word 2010 is the only reason I am getting lines. I just need to be sure on this point. Otherwise I will try and keep Word 2010 when I update. My tech will have to do this. regards
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