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  2. Source - Passport Application

    Yes, I don't see why not.
  3. Source - Passport Application

    Thanks Terry. I suppose I could then replace [Title] in BB with [Record Type] and get the same output result. Tom
  4. Source - Passport Application

    Tom, I put "Passport Application" in both the [Record Type] and [Title] Elements. I'm not sure that's the best plan, but it seemed to work for me. The truth is, I pretty much ignore the Bibliography output, though I do use it for citations in my "outline" website where I include people who I've done little research on.
  5. Source - Passport Application

    Terry - examining, and thinking about, your Source Elements, I have been wondering about something. In FF and SF you have the Source Element [RECORD TYPE] which, in my case, would be Passport Application. But in BiB instead of [RECORD TYPE] you have [TITLE]. If not Passenger Application what would I enter for [TITLE]?
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  7. Source - Passport Application

    You're Welcome, Tom.
  8. Source - Passport Application

    Terry - thanks very much for the reply. Greatly appreciated. Especially your custom Source Elements and your explanation as to why you created them. Hope you and your family stay safe and well during the remainder of these difficult and uncertain times. Tom
  9. Source - Passport Application

    Tom, I use the Naturalization Record Source Type, which seemed to me to fit this source well. I've modified the Source Type as follows for all usage, not just for passport applications: FF: [SUBJECT]<, [SUFFIX]>, [RECORD TYPE], <[FILE NUMBER]>< ([DATE])>; [REPOSITORY], [REPOSITORY ADDRESS]<. [COMMENTS]><, [CD]> SF: <[SF GIVEN NAME] >[SUBJECT]<, [SUFFIX]>, [RECORD TYPE]< ([DATE])><, [CD]> Bib: [REPOSITORY ADDRESS], [REPOSITORY], [TITLE], [SUBJECT]<, [SUFFIX]>, [FILE NUMBER]< ([DATE])>. I totally rearranged the SF because I didn't like the way it worked. I've added the custom [SUFFIX] Source Element to many of my Source Types to get suffixes to display properly. I've added the custom [SF GIVEN NAME] Element to many Source Types so the given name can be displayed in the Short Footnote, for use when a surname occurs often in my data. I've added the standard Source Element [COMMENTS] to many of my Source Types, to record that I found the record on various online sites, or other notes.
  10. Looking for suggestions for Source language regarding a Passport Application.
  11. TMG to the Bitter End

    Guess there are still a lot of us diehards. I too have been with TMG since the very beginning. I have looked at other programs but to date have not made a decision. Would be nice if someone could produce a program that would continue TMG. Still running on Windows 7 and also on Windows 10
  12. You need to be using a custom layout to do this. Try saving the layout after correcting the filtering.
  13. TMG to the Bitter End

    There are a lot of us, and the group which used to be Rootsweb (now io.group) is very active. But what is coming is an upgraded program. All volunteers working on it, so it isn't happening quickly, but TMG is likely to work for years. Check this out and sign up for the newsletter. https://historyresearchenvironment.org/hre-for-users-of-the-master-genealogist/ Sally
  14. TMG to the Bitter End

    I too am a long-time user of TMG and bought RootsMagic as a backup. My favorite backup, though, is SecondSite, which is not a genealogy program at all. It is a website builder. Having a website that is not only online but also on my keychain (via a flash drive that also holds TMG backups and Gedcoms) makes my data accessible to all. Second Site, like TMG Utility and several other amazing programs, is written and maintained by John Cardinal. If you haven't experimented with it, I certainly recommend it. You can see some sample sites here: https://www.secondsite8.com/. Doris
  15. I have this problem also, and find that I must check that box every time I open TMG. It is a little annoying, but not all that disruptive. I wonder if there isn't some point, where there is so many tags that TMG defaults to not showing non-primary events.
  16. I have been using TMG for so long (since about Version 3) that I intend to continue using it until it just won't work anymore. I find myself wondering, just how many of us diehards are out there. I just (with a little help) loaded Version 9.05 to a new laptop, so I am pretty sure I will get several more years use out of it. I have reached a point in my research where I am writing research papers more than actual research, and I find the TMG reports very useful for that (mostly the individual narrative and family group sheets, but also the journal report). But, I also know there must be life after TMG and I want to be able to pass my years of research along in a usable database. Consequently, I purchased a copy of Roots Magic (because it has an "Import from TMG" capability), as a future back up. When I backup TMG, I import that backup into Roots Magic, and store the resulting file in a way it will be available, should the need arise. But, I am not entirely sure this is the best scheme, and I am wondering if other have made similar provisions.
  17. TMG V9 on a New Laptop

    Jim's idea worked - I should have though of it myself. Thanks for the help.
  18. Ah, okay. I will make a note of that for future reference, as it will be useful for other issues. Thanks!
  19. Judy, Journal report / Options / Tags tab / Tag Types / select 'Selected' Then omit the custom tag type from those marked selected. Jim
  20. Terry's idea worked best for me. Michael, there didn't seem to be an option (at least not that I could find!) to exclude the sensitive tag type as you described.
  21. Thanks for the ideas. I'll see what works best for me (other than simply including an excluded anecdote so that I have the info for myself).
  22. You need to define a custom Tag Type in the Marriage Group, perhaps named "Marr-Sens", identical to the Standard marriage tag type. Use this Tag Type for this couple. Don't bother about excluding anything in this tag. Now when you run your reports use the report options to select tag types and exclude this sensitive tag type. And when you run reports for yourself you can include that tag type and all will look normal. Hope this gives you ideas, Michael
  23. Judy, I think this would work: Create a "Marriage Hidden" tag or something like that, but make sure it's in the "Other Event" group, not in the "Marriage" Group. That way TMG will not recognize it as a marriage tag. Exclude the Sentences in this Tag so it will not appear in reports. Delete the current Marriage Tag, and replace it with your custom Tag so you don't loose your record of the marriage.
  24. I excluded both spouse ID#s and both sentences. Based on the exclusions, there is no reason that the spouse should show up in the subject's Journal report. I get the same result and can't find any workaround other than editing the Journal report.
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  26. TMG V9 on a New Laptop

    Go to the old laptop and run Help / Technical Support / Trouble Report and that will create a document with the correct email address and registration number. Use those to unlock TMG on the new machine. Copy and paste the registration number rather than trying to type it.
  27. TMG V9 on a New Laptop

    For $50 Comprenew with do a complete transfer from the one computer to the other. I've used this twice, with noTMG problems
  28. I am one of the diehards, intent on using TMG until it will no longer work. I am currently using TMG V.9, which is the culmination of a serious of upgrades beginning with version 3. Yesterday I bough a new laptop to replace one that has worn out, and attempted to install version 9.05 from the "final installers" I had received some years ago. I have saved all the information, necessary to unlock the files, but am having trouble. I have a screen shot from the initial installation of v 9.05, but the software doesn't recognize my serial number. I am wondering if I did something wrong during the installation, in which I ran a program named "tmg9setup". Using the sample files, the program seems to be running, but only with the 30 day trial version. Any thoughts or suggestions? I still have the laptop I have been using, and have backups of the files on a thumbdrive, so accessing my data probably isn't a problem.
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